Erica H.

They discontinued the dark brown color....I feel offended there is only colors for blonde girls now lol I used to like it but i am back to my MAC eyebrow pencil in spiked. Nice try Maybelline....

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Katrina L.
All Time Favourite!

I have this in the dark blonde shade, and although I've used it only twice, this has sped up the ladder to the top. The applicator is very thin and precise, so perfect for simulating hairs. I also love that it's retractable, so you don't have to sharpen every two seconds. The little green comb thingy is difficult to use, being that it's sharp. Five stars!

Geisha D.

Omg i love it..My eyebrows were getting too light from Clearasil face wash pads like turning blonde so weird i needed to darken them so i used this eyebrow pencil it looked great and it stay on no smudge or wearing out..Also if u get a messed up wax job on them or u plucked a spot by mistake takes care of the job no one notices..I get complements on my eyebrows all the time some ppl think i got them tattooed..i don't i will ever switch.

Rachelle R.

I have dark brown hair and I use this in the dark blonde shade and I love it. Yes, if this was a human man, I would marry it. (jokes.) This is great for the girl who loves a natural brow look. The texture of the product is nice, it's not waxy and is easy to control with the fine tip. I would agree that it could come with more product but, I want to say that I use mine everyday and it at least lasted a month--for $6, that's a winner. Anyway, I love it.

Ali J.
Use it everyday!

I don't know why so many people are bashing it. Maybe I have a lighter hand but it never has broken on me. It glides on very smooth even with thin like hair strokes. For the longest I was using brow liners that just made me look obnoxious lol but ever since watching julieg713 on youtube do her brows, I ran to the store and got one! She did mention that many people combining two different shades of dark brown and light brown get a similar shade as mac's brow pencil. I do my eyebrows every day and so far I've had it for about 3 months. I love it!!

Yomaira C.

My brows looks fabulous thanks to this mini magic wand....I can fill them in, shape them up however I want. The key when using this products is very light strokes ;)

Amalee W.

I saw that Raeview on youtube said that this pencil was a dupe for my beloved Anatasia brow pencil, and was she right.. I've been using it at least everyday - or whenever I go out - for the past couple months and it does the job of filling my brows and making them look natural - even when my brows are looking a little.... unattractive.

Ghadeer a.

wow maybelline has impressed me alot with this brow pencil and the gel liner i was so impressed with quality and i like that it have a eyebrow comb in the other side its best for now

Evelyn B.

I discovered this product as an emergency.. I had ran out of the MAC spiked brow pencil and needed a pencil right a way. So i went to Rite Aid and decided to buy it. Wow.. I absolutely love this pencil. Its a dupe for the MAC pencil in Spiked.

Violet likes DM S.
My favorite eyebrow pencil.

I discovered this amazing little pencil a couple of months ago and I love it! It's great not having to sharpen it and that it comes with a little brush on the cap. I used to use brow powder before this and am so happy to have found define-a-brow.