Beauty Product Reviews


i love buying the colored strawberrie one ..makes my lips feel amazing and for good amount of time without having to reapply every ten minuted or soo. its a must have in my book


I love baby lips. and to the comment that says it shows no color, you have to buy certain ones. coral crush gives a nice orangy color and my bright pink one makes me look like niki minaj lips


my mom started doing nails and she bought these for her designes. she bought multiple colors includinf white,gold,silver,green etc. the brushes messed up after a while but i cant complain

long nails

now i bought this after having acrylic nails for a long amount of time. i used it my nails were back in tip top shape after a week.!! it also made my nails grow extremly fast which i hate. but it does what its told so i cant complain


i bought this hoping my hair would get longer and stronger.. instead i got the opposite my hair is still the same length and it made my hair so dry!!!

bouncy curls

i currently bought this 2 weeks ago and i can not live without it. i damaged my curls over the time with bleaching, curling, straighting, coloring. my curls turned into nice bouncy curls instead of frizzy ugly hair


my mom loves buying this.! i sm currently using the shampoo and conditioner.!!! its not ment for girls with fine hair. but i really like it. it smells incredible andd i love to leave the conditioner in for extra soft hair


omg i have been using this product for 2 years now. IT DOES ITS JOB PEREFECTLY..!!!!!!!! I have thick, curly hair. thid product makes my hair straight up to a week with no frizz problems or anything. my hair couldnt be any more smoother without it. ITS A MUST HAVE


it lasted me such a long time i didnt feel it did any miricales either but it did make my hair so much more smoother. if i had the extra money i would buy another but it is not a must need for me

love it

my cousin bought this and let me borrow it once it worked awsome and did its job, my hsir was very nice and sleek and shiny and it perfectly kept my hair from getting damage. dosnt best my got2b Gaurdian Angel tho.