Mane 'n Tail

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo


Amanda D.

I just wanted to give people a heads up on how this product worked for me. I cut my hair very short in 2008 *BOB CUT* by 2010, my hair was touching my rib cage bone. I used the shampoo and conditioner for 3 months and stopped for 1 month and then started again for 3 months and stopped.

I find that with products like this, you MUST rotate or else your hair will become immune. The products smell good as well and not like an organic animal product like some people think.


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Katie C.
in the middle

this product is obviously only for some hair types. mostly for animals but this product is safe to use on a human scalp. i used it on myself and it did not satisfy me. i used it on my dog and his hair was shinier than mine. it made his hair thick and easier to comb. he looked like a dog model.-lol but the best part was it got rid of any bugs that did live on him. we continue to use this on my dog. he seems to have no problem with it and i think he actually likes it.

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Laaya A.

Mane N Tail.. I used this for a while now and it really does grow your hair. My hair was a bob and it grew a good 5-7 inches long. The bad thing about this is that this still dries out my scalp and my hair all together which isn`t good because my hair is really dry and that`s something I would like to stay away from. If you want to grow your hair, it does help, but after a while you don`t really see much of a difference after. It`s something good to try at first and use, but then after a while it just isn`t the best. Vitamins B5 & E make your hair grow faster by the way, so that`s always something to think about if you want to grow your hair. Overall, it wasn`t my favorite but it still made a difference.

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Vanessa M.
Didn't work for me

If you're someone with dry or damaged hair to begin with, I wouldn't recommend using this product in order to grow out your hair...given other reviews of this product, I think it can work for certain hair types as it gets your scalp very clean but I felt that it actually damaged my hair. I contacted my hair stylist and she told me to stop using it and start using a product thats nourishing and makes my hair feel soft...I found that this made my hair dry, frizzy, and unmanageable! It's probably worth a shot to see if it works for your hair type but I didn't like the way it made my hair feel at all.

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Kymberly R.
Oh yes!!!

My hair was pixie cut 2 years ago and just stopped at my shoulders like many people. I asked someone how they got their hair so long HALF really wanting to do the work. She said her hair stopped at her shoulders too before using this product.

My hair is now over 1 foot long in one year! :)

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Grace H.

okay so in june my hair was at the bottom of my rib cage then i asked the hair dresser for a trim and she cut it up to the top of my bra its taken forever to grow before i starting using mane and tail it was right directly under my bra strap and then i started using this and in a few days my hair is a half an inch under my bra strap, but it does build up and does not add volume or body, but my hair is very soft. i dont recomend using this everyday. just 3-4 times a week:)))

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Richelle D.

I love this product! My hair has grown a lot faster than normal and its even gotten thicker. I can definitely see a good difference in my hair! Even though this is often found in the pet section in stores, its completely safe to use on you own head!

Theresa v.

where do i get this? my hair id really short and i really want to grow it out. im planning to grow my hair out for graduation:) but im scare this prodct wont work cuz my hair is dead

Hannah J.
Okay product.

I got this product after hearing good reviews about it. It works but made my hair dry(felt like horse hair). After the conditioner it feels better. The smell to me is kind of weird. Definitely made my hair stronger and somewhat healthier. If You get this product, I recommend using it only 2-3 times a week.

Samantha B.

This product is great but I wouldnt recommend using it every single day for a long period of time because it will start to build up in your hair. but it is still a really good shampoo to use i use it with my great clips daily shampoo.