Beauty Product Reviews

This eyelash curler is only a dollar and it has always work just fine for me! The only problem I had with my first one was that the rubber piece kept falling out, but once I bought a new one (for only a dollar) that one never fell out on me. It works like every other curler and it's very cheap. Try it out! :)

I actually really like these eye shadow quads when I didn't think I would! I think the colors in them go well together and they have nice color pay off with a good primer. It's affordable, so you should try it out! :)

This is my favorite mascara so far! It gives me volume and length and I've never had serious problems with clumping. I do feel like it runs out really quick, but maybe that's because I use it so much? :P but it's affordable and it's purple (my favorite color) so I do recommend this mascara! :)

I have many ELF brushes and I think they work just as well as high end brushes. They apply color well and last me a while. The only thing I find is that my face brushes will shed a little, but my eye shadow brush has never shed. I do recommend this brush! :)

I think these are great shadows at a good price! It's a great palette if you're just starting out with make-up or want to expand your collection. Also, the pigmentation is very well and the colors apply smoothly. I use this palette very often and it has lasted me a while despite the size of the shadows (they're about the size of a dime) The only thing I don't like is how messy it gets and I have dropped it a few times with the shadows falling out, but as for the shadows themselves they're very good. Hope I helped? :)

My Favorite Primer!

I first purchased the MAC eye primer, which did not impress me at all and creased every time I used it no matter what! :( I heard a lot about Urban Decay Primer Potion and Two Faced Shadow Insurance, but I just decided to go with this one because they were about the same price and I heard they worked the same. I've been using this everyday for about three months and it is THE BEST! I have very oily lids, but it NEVER creases and makes every color look beautiful. I haven't tried UDPP, but I'm sure it's good too. I plan on sticking with this primer, and I definitely recommend it! :)

I love NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, and I have a couple, BUT the one I really love is Milk. It's white, so it can go under any shadows as a base and it helps bring out any color I'm applying. It never creases on me and works as a great base! I definitely recommend it, and if you only want to purchase one, definitely go with Milk! :)