Quad Eye Shadow


Tabitha F.

I actually really like these eye shadow quads when I didn't think I would! I think the colors in them go well together and they have nice color pay off with a good primer. It's affordable, so you should try it out! :)

Holly K.
it was okay

These eye shadows were extremely long lasting. When i put them on they stayed where they were. They were a little hard to blend out though. The only other complaint that i had was that they were too sparkly. When i purchased these shadows i still wore glasses and my glasses completely amplified the sparkle. I would recommend onlu using one as a lid, crease, or highlight-- but not using more than 1 of the shadows in the palette. What i noticed is that if i used one of these along with a different type of eyeshadow they blended out very nicely and looked about a million times better. another thing that i noticed myself using these for is putting them right in the center of the lid to make a look seem more demensional.