Beauty Product Reviews

Natural looking

I don't love this product but I like it. Its very creamy and when I apply it I use my fingers. It gives a very natural come to your cheeks and makes them glow. It doesn't really last long though that's the only down.


I have so many of these, I love doing my nails! I usually do the zebra print and use my black one of these to do it or use crazy colors. I used to purchase these at forever 21 until I found out I could get them cheaper at the dollar store hehe :) if your handy and know how to work the brushes these will do wonders :)

Perfect lashes!

I bought this mascara because of the no clump feature. I usually like my lashes clumpy but with this mascara they get great volume and length so I keep them like that. If you lIke precise and separating your lashes, the brush is perfect!

Every gal needs one!

This palette is a must have! It pretty much has all the colors you need and for the price you get it its pretty great! Its eyeshadow isn't glittery. But remember to use a primer otherwise it won't last as long on your lids :)

Creamy color!

This was my first MAC lipstick and I really loved it, its just so creamy but kind of dry. I usually mix it with one of my barbie pink lip sticks to make a beautiful pink. They just have soooo many colors to choose from!

Gotta have it

When I first bought it I was like what is up with the brush more like spongey thing. Well I fell in love. I have not made one mistake with this liner! Its crazy! If you want perfect liner you have to get this!

Too moisturizing

I have alot of these body butter tubs that I havent even used them or have even given them away. They are nice to put on your legs if your wearing shorts or showing some leg. They make you're skin shiny but I get really oily :/ I didn't like that.

I love how it make my face look! This is the best drug store foundation! Too bad I bought the wrong color lol. It blends really good and doesn't feel heavy at all! Its light and covers very well :)

The best

I have the pedal to the medal nail polish and love it. Its very metallic, it stays on longer, dries quick, and the brush shape is nice it covers more of my nail so it doesn't take as much time to do my nails :)

Classic casual

I will always have love for this mascara. Its not the best but not the worst either. Its the type of mascara I'll use when Im around the house or going for the natural look. Very easy to take off unlike the new ones.

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