Beauty Product Reviews

Love these <3

Absolutely love this I put it on before bed and my lips don't dry out thru the night. I rarely put it on during the day it's too thick but I love it for night time

Can't find one better than this

I always come back to this it is amazing, It is so dark and makes my lashes thick and long I absolutely love it. It's also great for layering with other mascaras

Love this stuff

This works amazing on hair especially as an over night treatment, and I love it on my skin too. I use it as a moisturizer every night. It's also great to mix with lotions

It's a good oil

Made my hair soft, didn't look greasy, I have thinner hair so that was a big plus for me and the smell isn't bad and it lasts forever. I got mine a year ago and I'm not even half way thru

it didnt work for my hair at all

I think my hair is too fine for this cuz it always made my hair look and feel horrible even if I only used a drop, its just too thick for my hair but it did smell really nice

its a good product

I like how you cant use too much, it never makes my hair gross and it makes it smell nice and makes it detangle so much better. it lasts a really long time too! so that's a plus

Not bad but not great

I like the smell and colors but the do nothing for my chapped lips, they just make it look worse but if your lips aren't chapped then they aren't bad at all

I like the mint one

The ones I have smelled so far smell horrible and make my lips kind of crack , but I really like the mint one , it's different then the rest