It's A 10

Miracle Leave-In


Allie F.

LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I'll spray its a 10 miracle leave in product after I get out of the shower and my hair always feels so soft. Smells great & if I go to bed with wet hair I wake up and my hair always ends up extremely wavy/curly from using its a 10 miracle leave in product. ??????

Samantha  G.
Huge mistake

The hype for 'it's a 10' products is unreal. Unfortunately I purchased both Leave in conditioner mask and it's a 10 spray, both a big FAIL. People save your money and time and purchase something else

Jordyn D.
Great! But not worth the price

My mom got this for me as a gift. I absolutely LOVED it. It detangled my knotty hair and smoothed it out. But after I ran out, I went to CVS and saw the price. Holy Kow! Definitely not worth the price for the amount of product you get

Ciara P.
slow . product

its a good detangler .that's all. it takes knots out hair but really doesn't strengthen hair. overall its a ok product. it should be cheaper. now I have to find a better product for my hair again. anybody hs

Addie M.

this product not only smells good but makes my hair feel silky smooth. And even the little bottle lasts forever! Definitely worth the money. I recommend this product to anybody with any hair type/texture !

Anna K.

I really wanted to love this entire line, so much that I bought it all before trying it. What a mistake I don't know if it's just my hair or what but this does nothing for me that very similar, cheaper products can't. It did do what it says but nothing above and beyond what I expected.

Jordyn D.
Love This

This product is amazing! My only problem is the cost. While it does combine 10 different styling products in one, I always find myself contemplating whether or not to fish out some money for this product. Besides the price, it's amazing

Meaghan S.
very thick, not great for thin hair

I wanted to like this product because of all the hype around it on youtube but it just is too thick for my thin hair, like one spritz is good enough for my hair, when my hair dries it is greasy from this product if I use too much, I like the fact that it is multi use product and is good for different things but is better off for thicker hair, and $30 for a small bottle.. not worth it in my opinion

Samantha S.

This spray is amazing! It does so much and makes my hair easy to manage. I have thick, long, wavy hair. I spray this all over as soon as I get out of the shower and than I run a comb through it. It detangles it. I've also realized that it leaves my hair feeling soft and it looks shiny. It doesn't leave your hair greasy. I have to say this is my holy grail hair product! I always grab this one first over any other leave in products I've tried. It's truly amazing and I think every girl should give it a shot, they even have one specially made for keratin treated hair!

Lyndsie  T.

Kind of heavy but great for hydrating in ur hair gets heavy easily use clafifying shampoo before use does everything it says great If u color process and or use hot tools often afforadable for such am amazing product a little goes along way concentrate on ends