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Beauty Product Reviews

This replaced my ABH Dipbrow💖💖💖

I am in love w/this little thing! The ELF eyebrow kit is a pan of tinted eyebrow gel, a pan of light brown powder (Which I use to gradient the beginning of my brows+as a blending transition color.) A tiny dual-sided brush(Which went right into the trash upon opening, so I can't speak on it's usability.) And a decently sized mirror, all housed in chic sleek black Nars like packaging. For $3USD, yeah I'm impressed.

ELF eyebrow kit VS. ABH Dipbrow: The ELF brow kit in Dark and ABH Dipbrow in Ebony are slightly different from one another in the packaging but a perfect match applied. The ELF brow kit gel has a much thinner consistency than the ABH dipbrow, it is still however pigmented and doesn't take much to build up. I found ABH to be so thick+pigmented that it needs to be applied in the smallest of small amounts, because one wrong move and it can end in disaster 😄. I can do my full brow routine w/this product alone. If I want to clean up my lines+add more definition/color to the ends of my brows I go in w/dipbrow. It does not fade or wear off, my longest wear time being 19-22 hrs. HG product for me 😊Backups of standby. BELOW PIC: ELF brow kit in Dark gel applied over MOM as a primer,powder pan used to gradient beginning of brows, set w/Salon perfect clear brow gel.

Best brow product EVER!!!

I brought this at Sephora a month after it launched and the makeup world went crazy, and with good reason :). This is my 1st Anastasia product and I totally get why so many girls and guys love and trust her products now. I've used eyeshadows and pencils to do my brows and they've never looked half as good as they do today with this product :) As for the claims...I live around San Diego/CA so humid/warm/sunny/but never sticky climate and have never had my brows melt or run off of my face. I've also been caught in the rain while wearing this and water did come into contact repeatedly with my brows, and also did a splash test before washing my face one night, both times nothing happened, waterproof it is. Doesn't fade another check, smudge-free ehh not so much for me personally, I have an oily t-zone and use concealer to clean up/define the bottoms of my brows, adding more oil, my oil seeps through the product and lifts it off of my skin making it prone to smudging. So same as before with other products I just have to be careful and avoid touching my brows, which is easy because its nothing new for me, no fault of the product though. I blot my brows halfway through the day with an oil absorbing sheet which works and my brows aren't disturbed or smeared when I do this. A tiny bit of color does transfer from the brow to oil absorbing sheet but not too much that my brows look faded or any spots occur. I wouldn't recommend this for beginner use, your going to need skill/technique/ experience/and a steady hand to have this product work out for you. However anything can be learned/achived with enough practice :) New HG product, buying a backup soon. #TeamAnastasiaDipBrow;)

Wave Sonic: Works perfectly for me :)

I have been using this for a few weeks now, I brought it at a discount store I shop at it cost me $9.99 and included a 2 wks supply of the cleansing foaming pads and the 2 AA batteries needed to power the device. I have oily skin and wear a full face of makeup on a regular basis as well as problems with Hyperpigmentation, so I need something that deep cleans and expholiates, the Wave Sonic fits my needs perfectly :) I have used this both with makeup on my face/to remove and without. For foundation I use Revlon Colorstay 24 hr and the Wave Sonic cuts right through my foundation,concealer,powder, and whatever else with no problems. When I am wearing makeup I like to use the cleansing pads to clean and remove everything from my skin (If I'm using in the shower I like to flip the pad after I've cleaned my face, go over everything once again and then take it down to my neck and chest, I blend my foundation down my neck so I cleanse there as well) on makeup free days or when I notice my skin is a little dry/flaky and needs to be expholiated I use a cotton round with my own cleanser, which works just as well as the pads. I also love the way that my moustirizer just sinks into my skin after using the Wave sonic :) I have noticed a difference in my skin, its a lot softer,smoother, clear/less breakouts, and brighter, also my dark spots are fading(Also using Garnier Dark Spot Corrector daily). I have noticed that sometimes after i have used this I do end up with a few whiteheads (This usually happen a few hrs after use or I notice them the next morning) Im not too freaked out about it though it doesn't cause anymore damage to my skin and clears up quick, I heard it was just someting called "Purging" which happens to Clarisonic users as well, people say its just all the dirt,oil, and makeup that was trapped in the skin being draw out, at least that's what I heard, and at least I know its working :) Overall I am very happy with the performance of this product and in my case every claim on the box was true ;)

My HG Foundation!

This is my HG foundation, and the second foundation I've tried from Revlon (The 1st was Photoready, horrible just horrible). But this...Yaaasss. I have oily skin and need a full coverage foundation to try to cover dark spots/hyperpigmentation. This is medium-full coverage and dosent cover my darkest spots completly but it does and damn good job of hiding/lessing them, and its buildable so I can just pile on more If I like, I fell in between shades so there is no perfect match for me. I decided to go with the darker shade closest to me rather than the lightest, so I picked up 440 Mahogany, I tested this out for a few wks and color corrected by applying my Maybelline Dream fresh BB in Deep sheer tint over top, worked fine but the BB gets super oily throughout the day and oxidizes something fierce, (My brown face turned black, so not cute, lol) after loving this I went back and picked up 400 Caramel, mixed the 2 for my perfect match and am now loving it even more :) I usually wear this for an average of 17-18 hrs but recently just wore if for the full 24hrs and blotted once of twice during the day with barely any oil coming up, I got home and checked the mirror before washing everything off and seriously this foundation looked like it had just been applied! I'm glad Revlon brought this back because I knew nothing about this until late 2013 and had never tried it, now I can't live without it. Buy and Try :)

The best there is!

I have been using and loving this stuff for 12 years now, I wear false lashes daily, with every look, so I know a few things about lashes and lash adhesive, lol. :) I have it in both Clear/white and Dark tone, I perfer dark tone but love having a tube of the clear around to use for glitter and crystal rhinestones. I have used other lash glues like Lash grip (Brought one tube used it twice and threw it away) and a little tube of the super cheap stuff that comes with a pair of lashes sometimes, in case of an emergency, but nothing does it like Duo :) When you use this stuff you never have to worry about the edges of your lashes popping up. I will continue using this forever, because it's seriously the best out there.

A gift from the Makeup Gods!

After reading online that this $1.00 product was comparable to Urban Decay Primer Potion, I just knew I had to try it, I have never used UDPP and now I never will. This stuff works and never fails me, this is coming from a person with hooded eyelids that do tend to get a little oily in the crease. Ive tried applying it thin and thick and it all ways pulls through. No matter what, I'm talking 17hrs of wear here people, yes 17hrs, and at the end of the night/early morning when I'm taking everything off my eye makeup still looks like I just did it, when I splash water on my face and look in the mirror, eyeshadows are still there looking perfect, it holds. No creasing or fading no problems, period :) I have the typical light beige nude color (Sheer) and I also have the other two colors, Champagne(Light khaki brown) and Pearl(White) these last two aren't matte like sheer but are a matte base forumula with shimmery chunky glitter specks, they are both just as good as Sheer. I love these so much that I buy them in bulk and when the wand won't reach anymore of the product because its all pushed to the sides of the tube, I cut it open, dig it out and depot it into an airtight jar,lol.Yes its only a dollar spent but this product is too good to waste. I will forever sing the praises of this primer :)

I'll use this Forever!!!

This is one of those products that I love and will keep replacing forever :) The little pot will last me a long while because you need only a little bit to apply onto the lid and I've had this since early 2011, and it looks bareIy touched, apply this on top of a primer and it doesn't crease, it really makes colors pop. I have the JEP in Milk but perfer this base because its a lot easier to spread and unlike Milk doesn't crease at all either on my hooded lids or lower lashline. I use this in every makeup look that I do, and typically wear my makeup for 17hrs without any problem. Good buy :)