Beauty Product Reviews

Bold waterproof lash line!

Each drop is precious! This amazing product takes any powder color or even a gel creme and deepens and waterproofs it-that is it! it works I love it and will use over and over and over and order again and again and again. No flaking, no peeling, stays in place. Love this product!

Glass look luminosity!

This kit rocks in every way. I love multi-tasking, luminosity, glowing skin and picture poreless. These fit that recipe perfectly, comes out great every time. Do not need to wear foundation during the day-love it! ((65 years old-works miracles)

Really like this brush!

The fenced brush bristles give such a natural look! As an eyebrow artist formerly for Anastasia I am always on the look out for just the right fill brush. This fits the bill for me, spoolie is great too. Real natural look-right on fleek now. There are plenty of tutorials on this brush-see how it works. I am 65 years old and need to fill daily.

Not my favorite Vitamin C

Did not like the texture, stung uncomfortably could not continue use... would not recommend.

TOM FORD Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum -beautiful fragrance, sexy and sensual.

I always go back to Chanel in my search for a sexy perfume. This one fits the bill and I finally have a new signature fragrance to add to my perfume table. Sillage lasts a good amount of time. Love this item-highly recommend, would buy again.

Best Finishing Brush ANYWHERE! Key Words: Paddle, Flat, Soft, Finishing Brush

This brush is softest I have ever used, perfectly finishes makeup, bronzing, illuminating, powder only. FANTASTIC WAYNE-you did it again!! Love this brush!

Very very soft!

Lays all facial hairs down softly and with ease, perfect to flawlessly catch any drop-out from other product, wipes away with no disturbance to makeup. My skin is super sensitive and this brush feels heavenly on it. FANTASTIC investment for me.

Wayne Goss has the best brushes in the world for me!

As a professional makeup artist I have had opportunity to use many types, styles, and brands of brushes. WG Brushes are the tops in my book and in my kit! Perfect for blending, contouring and foundation application this Brush 01 as is the case with all WG Brushes is a complete and wonderful multi-tasker. Soft, soft, soft and does not disturb primer or moisture underneath-I plan to have all of his brushes one day!

Look no further for your tightlining brush-here it is!

This brush works your color product deeply to the roots of lashes above and below for thicker looking lashes. I also use it for brow work for individual hair drawing and fill. Absolutely a dream! I have been in the industry for almost 30 years, I have used many brushes over the years and have seen the good, bad, and ugly of them all. Wayne Goss hit a home-run with his brushes-I adore them and plan to add more to my brush collection! Love them somuch I am not so sure I want to use them on anyone else but myself. :).

Fabulous Foundation Brush!

I LOVE ALL OF THE WAYNE GOSS BRUSHES I have purchased! This one is easy to handle, soft-softer than any others I have used from all over the globe and it glides products with the perfect flexibility. I find it buffs and smooths foundation with great ease. Have several and plan to add more.

I have been in the industry for almost 30 years, I have used many brushes over the years and have seen the good, bad, and ugly of them all.