Create Your Own Light


Melissa H.
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I love this product .. I adore luminous glowing skin. sun kissed and beautiful. I highly recommend this product. I am in my 50's and this works wonders, its not just for someone who is 20 or 30.

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Vini J.
Bang for your bucks
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If you never try becca before, definitely get this set. Because it is way cheaper to get a whole set of becca's most(if not all) favourite products. The primer is amazing for natural glow look, champagne pop is beautiful champagne peach highlight especially in wand stick, making it easier to apply. Opal is pretty for people with medium skin tone, but i sometimes mixed it with foundation and it looks amazing on my light yellow undertones. The blush looks absolutely beautiful and the tint have a very sweet scent and really suitable for no makeup makeup look and just give a natural flush of colour on your cheek. I compared the price with sephora in a Australia and i was extremely shock. Because you have to spend $250 aud to get this whole set if you buy it separately. That's why I love beautylish, my first order arrive within a week. They packed it really nicely and I love the fact they use original price for everything.

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Kristine G.
LOVE this set!
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I was looking for multi-tasking products that could be used together, alone or as part of daytime or evening look. This kit was what I have been looking for! The luminous, natural and glowing beauty that is created when using all products together is perfect for a casual day, the office or a night out. I love the highlighting effect that accentuates your face, neck and decolletage with a beautiful glow. The PERFECT assortment of products to produce a beautiful shimmer!

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Hope S.
Natural glow.. 5 products...5 steps

If you want a healthy glow that looks natural and not too shimmery, this BECCA Create Your Own Light is the perfect solution. The 5 simple steps counteract the winter doldrums... the perfect pick me up for dry, dull, winter skin.

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Anna D.
Happy and Beautiful

All I need is in this kit. It's a light shimmer without the glitter look, so I can use it during day light. Revives a tired appearance and makes you look refreshed therefore just gorgeous! Love my new make up set so glad I found it! Thanks a bunch Becca ;)

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Connie E.
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Sweeeet! Superfast delivery. Thank you Beautylish for the free upgrade on shipping! You guys are awesome. So carefully packed with love and a personal touch! (mine was by Mary, thanks a bunch!) Much love to you all! I love my new Becca kit and JeffreeStar lippies. Love that healthy radiance glow! Feels like summer everyday!

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Pe T.

I've always used BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, but never a complete set. I find this to not be great for overly moisturized skin. Ends up with a oily mess at the end of the day. Overall it's aright!

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Jessica B.
Fun kit

I enjoy playing with the products in this kit. The blush is beautiful and creates a soft glow on the cheeks. The beach tint is good for a neutral natural look on my skin tone as it is not very pigmented.

Because I have combo skin the primer moves my foundation by the end of the day, the glow it gives is beautiful but because of my skin type I will wear this on a night out as it will not last all day.

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Brigitta B.
Such a good deal, such a great quality!

I have been using these products for a couple of monthes now on a daily basis, so I can give you an honest personal opinion. First of all I need to tell you I have combination tending to get oily skin, and big pores on the center of my face. Non of these products emphasized my problems, on the contrary they give me a healthy glow, just as they claim to do so. I use the matte foundation from Becca combined with this primer often and my face looks satin, not matte as a paper. The shimmering skin enhancer also gives a natural sheen that makes me look younger and fades my small wrinkles. I use the beach tint for my "no make up" looks on my cheeks and lips, not my favorite color though. The blush is gorgeous and blends into the skin with no effort, the shade looks a bit scarry in the pan but once you apply it transforms to a natural pinkish-corally hue. The highlighter wand is part of my daily routine, I use it in the inner corner of my eyes, on the browbone and on the cupid's bow. This deal is a steal, I am so happy with my purchase. Would be amazing if you'd offer more versiones with other colors included.

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Brittany B.
What a great value

I've been wanting to try the backlight primer and the SSP liquid in Opal for awhile, and this was the perfect opportunity.

I get the hype about the primer, it's fantastic. Even the blush is great, which I definitely thought would be too dark. The only thing I didn't really care for is the lip product.

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