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Brush 01 Foundation Brush

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How to Use Brush 01

Wayne walks us through all the ways to create a flawless complexion with Brush 01. Learn how to diminish the appearance of facial hair, disguise large pores, contour, and highlight.


Nichole V.
I really like it

I originally bought it to blend in foundation (and it does a great job for that by the way) but now I use it to blend in concealer and cream contour because it makes it look so pretty! I want to purchase more brushes from him, if they are anything like this brush I'll love it.

Karen G.
Perfect for cream bronzer and blush and blending out concealer

I agree with others that this brush is a bit small for applying foundation, but it does a beautiful job of it if you take the time. What I really love it for is for blending out concealer that I use in areas where I have sun damage instead of wearing foundation. It’s also brilliant for cream blushes and bronzers. The size of this brush is perfect for these three uses, and the mix of natural and synthetic hairs absorbs less product than all natural hairs would.

Carol B.
Soft Brush with Beautiful Finish

I've never used a stippling/foundation type brush before, and must say I'm so pleased I chose Wayne Goss's first. I treat my skin regularly with hyaluronic acid, and as I don't have any dry flakes on my face, this brush works like a dream. The way it blends the product into the skin to create a flawless but natural effect is incredible. I used to apply foundation by rubbing it between both my hands and then applying to the face in one fell swoop then blending out rough edges with my fingers, and concealer and corrector applied with fingers. I think I must have tried using a brush years ago but the result was "grainy" to the point where I had to smooth down the effect with my fingers anyway, so to me using a brush felt pointless and an unnecessary cost. So glad I found this brush, because the finish is just amazing. So far no fall out at all and it's construction is sturdy. Hoping it'll last me a lifetime!

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Mirai N.

Ordered four. They are good, soft and smooth on the skin. They do not irritate the skin. Just perfect.

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Sara R.

this Make Up brush leaves a very natural look. It carries the foundation very evenly and does not leave any smear. I had a completely flat brush before and I have to say that I get along much better with the angled brush from Wayne Goss. I don't mind that the brush is small. When I do my makeup, I take the time that I need.

Kelly R.
Not a foundation brush

I know.. It’s advertised as a foundation brush but use it like one and watch the hair fall out all over your face and you’ll be up in arms like me. I suggest to just pass. I do hope Beautylish will allow me to return it for a credit or refund. I’ve used it 5 or 6 times and it just started falling apart on me. Very disappointing.

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Amanda D.
I Love It, But...

I've had no problems getting an airbrushed finish with this brush, but it's just too small! I actually purchased the Anniversary Set V2 just so I could get the larger version of this brush. I really hope Wayne makes the large one available for purchase on it's own... Back to this smaller version, it will be used for concealer and contouring...

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My face has never been fluffed so flawlessly ! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Picks up the perfect amount of powder and gives me such a great look! There is no streaking of my liquid foundation as there was before with other brushes, fixes the creases of my concealer application. I can not rave enough about this investment! Glad i purchased the Anniversary Set 2 this brush came in. Looking to add to my Wayne Goss collection ASAP.

Ruth G.
Bad brush

I usually love Wayne gods brushes but this particular one is not good. This foundation brush leaves streaks and does not buff. Very disappointed.

Monica M.
Wish it was bigger 😭

Well...I tried I really did but this little guy(that’s what she said lol) is just that too small to cover my entire face of foundation either cream or liquid. Took me twice the time. I am returning it. But I will be getting the bigger brush set that includes the bigger version WHICH WAYNE USES ON HIS YOUTUBE SHOW and it makes so much sense to get. This little guy can be used for concealing but I have a better cheaper brush for that.