Beauty Product Reviews


This shadow stays on all day long with a great shimmery color! I absolutely love it! I'm not sure what mine was called though.. Its a pinkish purple shimmer


I absolutely love this product! The sugar frosting is a neutral color with a tint on pink. I got this product at Walmart and the results seem like the product came from a exes pensive beauty parlor! Good job revolt!


I first got the red one...LOVED IT! Then I got mint and lemon. LOVED THEM TOO! Then after two weeks they get crummy and taste terrible...disappointed in this company. :( waste of money

I love this spray!

This spray is just wonderful! It lasts all day long. Even it windy, humid, rainy situations! It is very easy to rinse out of your hair too. I reccomend it to people who curl their hair :)

It's good!

I have had this product in gold for a few months now and it's great! Oh so glittery! I definetly reccomend it!!! A bit pricey though... But I think it was worth it :) ;)

It's good!

I have this product in light blue and yellow. Honestly, this product is like any other nail polish...the only diffrence is it drys quickly. But it is definetly a decent nail polish.

Love it!

I got this product last week and haven't had a problem with it yet. I normally have a problem with normall hair curling irons but this is great! The spiral is wonderful to guide long thick hair around the iron. I recommend this item to everyone!

Great product!

I have been using this Aussie product for about 3 months. It is wonderful! I suggest that if you do a lot of swimming you should try a different conditioner. After I use this product it makes m hair silky for a week after! Bravo!