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Colorful Mono Eyeshadow


Nancy-Lee C.
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I purchased this peach-simmer solo shadow for one reason, so I can wear rich chocolate brown liner and have a beachy look. hehe.

Bordering on department store diva pricing, this $12 shadow is highly pigmented, sweeps on easily and can be used wet or dry. The compact closes tight and is thin enough to toss in my makeup bag. A great all-over shade, as I use it, or a perfect bending agent.

This is the first Sephora shadow that I have purchased but it will not be the last. It was the exact shade I was looking for at a reasonable price, although i wish it were $8 not $12. lol. It lost 1/2 a star because an applicator was not provided.

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Morena M.
Don't get the glittery ones

I bought one of these in a wine-purple colour that has tons of silver glitter in it. Swatching it in the store, I loved it but they were sold out. I tried another Sephora and they were sold out as well. I ended up going back another day and bought the last one they had.

I brought it home to try out and was disappointed. The glitter did not adhere well to my eyes (even over a primer) and was difficult to work with.

Might be better worn over a glitter adhesive.

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Jennifer D.
Super pigmented and lasts!

Figured I would try the in-house brand but wasn't holding my breath - so wrong. Super pigmented and great color choices. And it blends so easily. Nicely priced, more than drugstore but not outrageously priced.

Danielle M.
SUPER Pigmented!

I ADORE this product! It seems never ending because I use it all the time and still have not hit the pan. Depending on what you like, I recommend this product. If you want to make a statement, then this is the product for you. It is very, very pigmented, but I love it.

Margie G.
Stays on Better when wet.

I have used Sephora Eyeshadows for many years now and the quality of the products are great to me. When you apply it wet to your eyes, it stays on until you take it off.

Krysten C.
love love love

There's really not much to say about this shadow. Wears well, blends well, lasts, comes in so many colors it can be hard to choose just one. They have mattes, shimmers, so many choices. The hardest thing is which one you want most.

Ksenia R.

Pretty decent, I bought two shades I'm not sure which, but both were metallic-y (a purple and a dark rose pink). They're pretty good - I wasn't blown away by the quality or complexity of the colors, but they're nice.

John M.
Black Lace - Not a bad black but the price is a bit of a sting

I was given a gift card for my graduation from a friend & I had been meaning to try some of there products & I was looking to build my own collection of makeup for my own personal use so I don't have to go through my gigantic kit & mess everything up every other day. Any who I went to the store & the only true shade of matte black was "black lace" & for 13 bucks it wasn't too bad of a price. I tried it at the store on my bare hand & it wasn't bad so I decided to get it. I tried applying it wet to see if it would be better pigmented. It came out more evenly but was a dark charcoal grey tone rather than a jet black. I also tried it with an eyeshadow primer & had the same results. It's not a bad product but it's a bit of a let down; for that price I would have gotten M.A.C's Carbon eyeshadow for a true black

Chelsea L.
It's good!

I have had this product in gold for a few months now and it's great! Oh so glittery! I definetly reccomend it!!! A bit pricey though... But I think it was worth it :) ;)

Emilie N.

I bought this product about 8 months ago. I purchased the color Carine, which is an EXTREMELY glittery shade. I used it everyday for about a month or 2 until i noticed how flaky and how easily it creased even when using eye primer. I still use this product every now in then, i just have to bring it with me when i do use it just so i can fix it when i can.