Professional Ceramic 3/4 in Spiral Iron


Tamara A.

I found this product last week amongst all the other hair styling products that I had forgotten about and tossed to one side. I'm glad I found it, it heats up quickly in the time it takes to brush your hair and creates really pretty defined curls. Despite this, I prefer big, loose curls so this isn't normally for me, but it's nice to have a change every once in a while. Having long hair, some irons are just really awkward to use. This is not one of those products.

Brittany M.
Not for left handed people

I bought this because it was used on me for my sisters wedding last year. I lived how it curled my hair and how fast it was. BUT when I tried to do my hair myself with it it ended up looking kinky because I'm a lefty and didn't have it positioned properly I guess. All the curls have to go the same direction with it because of the design and I didn't like that because I usually have then to look more natural and flow away from my face. Other then those small details it works great though

Chelsea L.
Love it!

I got this product last week and haven't had a problem with it yet. I normally have a problem with normall hair curling irons but this is great! The spiral is wonderful to guide long thick hair around the iron. I recommend this item to everyone!

Kellee D.
Perfect for big voluminous spiral curls.

I use this curling iron when I want really defined perfect curls. The spiral design makes curling a breeze, and I feel you don't run as big a risk of burning your hair with this iron, because it evenly distributes the hair across the iron. Perfect for longer hair, because I know with a normal curling iron usually only the bottom have of my hair will curl because of the weight of my hair. Also, my curls last all day with this curling iron.