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I'm seeing all these good reviews, and I'm starting to think I got a bad bottle haha. I have the yellowish color, and it's just sticky. It doesn't dry fast at all!? Maybe I'll try a different one. These weren't what I was expecting :-/


For a while I heard how amazing quality these were... I decided to try them myself and I agree. Especially for the price, it just blows my mind. I love the color selection as well. In each palette there are colors for day, and night looks, though I use them all for daytime because I'm just like that :P. I don't have any complaints, really.

Doesn't work!!

This is a joke. It creases within an hour. I've tried layering, applying different amounts- nothing works. I would use it as a base over some good primer, but it doesn't act as a good base either. That is $15 down the drain.

Like it :)

Good moisturizer! Doesn't WOW me, but it keeps the oil away for a while, and hydrates. I like wearing this under some pressed powder, and it will not clog my pores.

Love it!

these were on sale for $0.69 at Walgreens. I got them in turquoise and black one, and I love them! Easy to apply, creamy, just great! I love applying the turquoise first, then a thin line of the black inside of the turquoise one. Great look :)

Vaseline x10!!!

This is great! It's like Vaseline, but It lasts longer, smells better, and leaves your lips smoother!! I've had the same tin for forever!! And I just made a dent in it. I use it everyday! Def getting rosebud salve and the mint one :)

Kinda greasy...

When I first apply this to my face, it feels like it gives me a radiant glow. As the day goes on, it just looks greasy :/ not super hydrating, but it is somewhat.

Doesn't stay on ur waterline!!

This is meant for ur waterline, right? I thought so. Well, I can't see it! I like it as a highlight, but that's not what I bought it for. :/ I have to cake it on my lower lashes in order to see it.

Great, natural glow! ^_^

This blush is great! Works for everyday use. This was my first blush, and I'm not sure I'm guna need many different ones! This is my go to. Nothing bad to say about it at all!

Wow, everyone has tutti frutti!

I love this! It's not a heavy color like a lipstick, and it's not too light like a balm. I get the perfect amount of color I need! It doesn't last super long, but it's super easy to reapply. Yes, you do need a balm under it, so it doesn't dry out ur lips. Great overall product!!

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