Classic Color Blush

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Cristina S.
I Like the Glow

I bought one because a friend recommended it and I like it because it gives a subtle glow and the formula goes well on my skin. It isn't too shimmery but it's not completely matte. It smells good which is kind of rare for drugstore blush. I really like it, the only thing that keeps it from being 5 stars is the small variety of colors but other than that I do recommend it. It can also be used as a highlighter and is great for everyday use.

Michelle E.
This is my go to blush just to give a hunt of color on the go!

I have this but in a peachy tone and I love it! I can use it with just about any kind of look I want to do for the day, week, or even Yup I said hour sometimes I will do my makeup and then change my clothes and no longer like my makeup.

Kaitlin K.
Great, natural glow! ^_^

This blush is great! Works for everyday use. This was my first blush, and I'm not sure I'm guna need many different ones! This is my go to. Nothing bad to say about it at all!

Dawn M.

I bought this in natural glow for a good natural looking highlight color and it is exactly that! I wish the packaging was a little different though but it's not a big deal! Check out my video on youtube where I show you how I extreme couponed for over 50 dollars in cover girl products and only paid under 20 bucks! =)

Karla G.

I bought the one in the natural glow! &nd it gives yooh a glow! &nd in the sun all you could see is sparkles! It is very pretty! Also when your not at the sun you could see pink in your cheeks witch looks pretty. That was my first blush ever!!!!:)

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Ashlee G.
Nice color

I bought this in the color Soft Mink and it gives me a nice peachy pink glow (: I like it for the most part but its just your average blush. Im more into gel or cream blushes these days. hope this helped.. xox