Wet N Wild

Fast Dry


Rebecca M.

I have this in black and I love it! Easy application, I love the brush, and it is very fast drying. If you like black nail polish definitely buy this product. It's worth more than its price :)

Kaitlin K.

I'm seeing all these good reviews, and I'm starting to think I got a bad bottle haha. I have the yellowish color, and it's just sticky. It doesn't dry fast at all!? Maybe I'll try a different one. These weren't what I was expecting :-/

Lupe V.

The product's name says it all! It's FAST DRY! The colors are nice. And it's affordable. My fav so far is Party of Five Glitter. I have a couple of colours but will definately buy more.

Vanessa W.

I like wet n wild polishes! I stopped buying expensive brands like essie or butter london b/c i change my nails almost every week so what's the point! haha the colour range is always fab, i love how fast this dries so it's really quick to do. I want all the shades! haha

gee m.

I enjoy using wet n wild fast dry for those times I don’t want to wait hours on my polish to dry. For the most part by the time I finish painting my hand the polish is already dry. The polish comes in a ton of beautiful colors and does not give that sticky tacky feeling once the bottle is half empty.

What I don’t like about the polish is the fact that I have to apply 3 to 4 coats of the polish in-order to get the desire color I want. Also the longevity of the polish is not so hot but not really a big deal since this is the case with most nail polishes.

Sojourner W.
Fast Fun Colors!

I bought these a few weeks ago and I love them! I own Everybody Loves Redmond, Buffy the Violer Slayer, and Party of Five Glitters. I think Everybody Loves Redmond is an amazing red color for all year round. I think Buffy the Violet SLayer is a great jewel toned purple, but really hard to remove due to how dark it is. Party of Five Glitters is obviously a glittery nail polish and it's so pretty and fun. My only complaint is that the glitter is hard to remove and for all three, it takes about 3 or 4 coats to get a nice color payoff. However, these nail polishes live up to their name of being Fast Dry because they dry extremely fast, which is what I love! They only cost $1.99 and I want to pick up more, they're great! The Bottom Line: I recommend them. Pros: - Retail Price - Availability (drugstores in the US, not sold in UK) - Color - No Chipping Cons: - Sheer - Darker colors harder to remove

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Bryce S.

I think these are really good polishes! My only crutiques is that they are a little sheer so you have to put on two sometimes three layers. But thats almost always how you have to put on polish so... yeah! Very rarely to have three coats might I add but great product.

Virginia M.
really like.

i have used a lot of these colors and good for me because dont ever let my nails dry lol. the lights are a little sheer but two coats and you will be good and it drys so fast that it all works out. i love it

Ari T.
Darker the better

I really do like these polishes but they are Really sheer and like see through. I think that the darker the better. Also I tried the dark purple one (Buffy the.. something slayer) but It was really sheer.I do like them but I would head darker.

Victoria D.
Love These!

They have sooo many gorgeous colors to choose from! I'm pretty sure I own at least 5 of them by now. They aren't exactly 'fast drying', whatever that really means, but they dry fast enough. I always use a quick dry top coat as well. The only other thing about these is that they can be a tiny bit sheer. Not exactly a one-coater. But the colors are so gorgeous, and two coats will look perfect! I will definitely buy more of these!