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HG status!

Oh heeell yeah!!! This was just what my skin needed!!!

I already like the niacinamide serum from good Molecules, so I had high hopes for this toner, and it delivered!

I'm a total toner fanatic, I feel like toners makes such a difference in a skincare routine. This toners is a thicker liquid which surprised me at first, but it sinks in the skin as quickly and smoothly as any watery toner.

After about 2 weeks of consiten use I really see a difference in my skin. It's clearer, my pores are visibly smaller - my skin doesn't feel dry or tight after using the toner, actually I feel like the toner is pretty moisturizing!

And they added vitamin C!!!!! I mean it's all the good stuff right!?

Its definitely a new HG skincare item for me!

Give me more of this!!

I I'm completely new to peptides, and omg why didn't I know about this wonder! I been using it for a month now and my skin feels and looks amazing!!

My skin feels plum and hydrated. It looks bright and youthful! All the things you want!

I use this serum every night and it absorbs quickly into my skin, making it feel instantly moisturized, and I wake up to better looking skin!

Also, it smells so good!!!! I don't know what it is, but I love the way it smells!

I am hooked!!

1 set that does it all

If you are new to skincare, this is a easy "no thinking needed" set to get all you need for good skin!

Good Molecules put together a set that targets most skin conserns and I would recommend this set to everyone - Newbies and the skincare junkie! For a great price you get all you need!

And after I saw Wayne Goss say he mixes 3 drops of each product and use it as a night treatment, and we all jo that Wayne can do no wrong and in this case he did not disappoint - mixing it all feels like a crazy super serum and makes my skin look amazing!

So light weight

This oil is very very light weight and absorbs super quickly into the skin, so quickly that you can actually use it under your makeup! I think it can be a great every day oil for keeping your skin moisturized, but as for a very hydrating oil that can give your skin more of a hydration boost, I would use the Ultra hydrating oil from Good Molecules or another heavier oil!

Simple and nice oil

I love a good beauty oil in my night time routine, an oil can really make a difference in your skin!

This camellia seed and seabuckthorn oil is a nice addition to my oils. It's very hydrating and makes my skin feel great. The oil absorbes into the skin quickly and I don't feel sticky or greasy after using it. Seabuckthorn is known to be a super ingredient and that might explain the smaller bottle that this oil comes in, you just don't need a lot of this super oil to feel a difference!

As much as I like this oil I do feel like I, with my skin type, see more of a difference with rosehip oils.

Really nice!

For many years I have only used a creme for my eyes never thinking about using a serum with it - now I can't imagine not using a serum! I mean, if a serum is important for your face then it's even more important for your eyes where the skin needs even more love!

Now, I have a tendency to have slightly puffy eyes when I wake up, and I do feel like this serum helps to depuf my eyes fairly quick. I also see a difference in how bright and smooth my under eyes look when I use this serum in conjunction with a hood hydrating eye cream. I use it both in the am and pm and feels like it works well in both routines, but I do recommend using a very small amount when you use it under makeup, or give it time to sink in to the skin so it does not disrupt your makeup!

Facial in a bottle!

This is everything!!!!!

I was a little scared that this product would be to harsh for my slightly sensitive skin! But I was so wrong! I use this before bed once or twice a week and I wake up with skin that looks like brand new baby skin!! Even the first time I tried it I could see the difference! My skin looks smoother, brighter and healthier!

I take good care of my skin and has always had "good" skin, but after starting to use this treatment I have had several people ask me what I am using since they can see a change in my skin!

This is a must have!!

Love love love this!

I am pretty new to the Niacinamide game, but I must say I see a difference in my skin after starting using it! I feel like I can keep break outs at a minimum, and that I can heal the breakouts that does come quicker!

I use this serum a few times a week in the morning, often in a mix with the Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid serum - together i feel like these products makes my skin hydrated, plump and clear!

Fantastic daytime serum

A hyaluronic acid is a must in any skincare regime to ensure hydrated beautiful skin! I have tried several different types of hyaluronic acid serums but always had the issue that the would make my skin sticky. This meant that I couldn't use the hyaluronic acid serum in the daytime under my makeup.

But this is different, the consistency is very water like and absorbs into the skin almost instantly, not leaving behind I sticky surface that interrupts one's makeup! After getting Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid serum I now use it as my day time serum, with great results!

On days where I feel like a breakout is on its way or after a day of heavy makeup I will mix a few drops of Good Molecules Niacinamide serum and I feel like this keeps my skin feeling and looking great during that daytime!

Porcelain skin in a bottle

I have never been a big primer-user, for the simple fact that I never found a primer that I felt made a difference! But the VDL Lumilayer primer peaked my interest! It promise "glass-like" skin, and I must say I agree - my skin looks so healthy, blurred and perfected like a porcelain doll!

The consistency of this primer is light, hydrating and creamy like a moisturizer - I don't feel the heavyness and the silicone effect that many pore filling primers have, yet this primer still blurres my skin perfectly!

At first try I was surprised by the iridescence look of the primer and I was afraid that it would make my skin look shimmery, but I was wrong. The iridescent shine absorbed beautifully in the skin and just made it look healthy and glowy!

I tried the primer with a few of my favorite foundations, all light coverage foundation (I'm just not into full coverage on my skin). With all the foundations I felt like the glow came though strong and made my skin look healthy and dewy but still blurred, with the addition of a setting powder I took a bit of the dew away but the glow was still strong.

My favorite way to use this primer is with my Laura Geller Balance & Bright powder foundation. This combination is a match made in heaven! My skin looks absolutely flawless, but not flat matte! The shine from the powder shines though the powder easily and makes me look so healthy and youthful! This combination is my new HG!

I am definitely gonna try out the other primers from VDL!

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