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Decided to try out this mascara after hearing a lot of great things about it - I wasn't expecting to be blown away since I swear by my cheap Maybelline Lash Sensational, no mascara gives me flash lash look like that one! But I must say this mascara is pretty darn good - I still prefer my Lash Sensational, but this comes close!

Radiant skin in a bottle

I head such good things about rose hip oil and since I'm closing in on the big 30 my skin has been getting more dry so I decided to try and incorporate an oil in my skin care routine, and what a difference!!! My skin looks radiant and feels amazing! I'm definitely trying more things from this line!

Everything good comes in small packages

At first glance I fell in love with this little gem - Its the perfect size palette for my gym bag and it offers me so much variation in colors that I can do a different look day after day! Absolutely perfect! The shimmery shades in this palette is much more shimmery then Viseart other shimmer palettes which can be both a positive and a negative, depending on what you like!

Worth every penny!

This palette is filled the most beautiful satin/shimmery shades - Perfect for everyday looks and perfect for sultry evening looks! The formulation of these shades is without compare and I think the palette is worth every penny despite the high price - you really get the quality you pay for!

Only reason I'm not giving the palette 5 stars is that I wish Viseart made palette with both matte and shimmery shades!

Hype worthy powder

I always get both curious and sceptical when a product from one day to another gets a lot of hype - This powder had been around forever and all of a sudden it was on everyone's lips! Well to ease my curiosity about the hype I decided to get the powder for myself and see if it was worth the hype! And yes I think it is! The powder is very light and feels and looks like nothing on the face. It sets my makeup perfectly and make it last all day! A light hand is a must, like with any powder, and I feel like it can accentuate dry patches if I use to much! I have normal to slightly dry skin.

Bronzer love

Great, super natural bronzer. Perfect for my very fair skin! The bronzer is matte which can be both a pro and a con. I like that it is matte, but I tiny sheen wouldn't have hurt it :) Kevyn Aucoin can do no wrong!

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Beautiful bronze eyeliner

I decided that I wanted to try something new with my eyeliner, so I bought a beautiful bronze shade of the Inglot gel liners. This liner is a gorgeous color, the texture is very creamy, almost a bit to creamy which means that it takes a bit of practice to perfect a wing. But when you do, this bronze wing will complete your perfect summer look!

A dream of an eyelash curler

I was sceptical about buying a 15$ eyelash curler, but after 15 years of cheap curlers I decided to take the advice of a much more knowledgeable woman (Alma) and I bought the BillyB eyelash curler and I honestly haven't regretted it at all, it was worth every penny! It gives my lashes a nice curl that last all day, it doesn't hurt my eyes and feel gentle to use!

Renaissance love

I got the ABH Self Made palette in my lucky bag in January. It wasn't a palette I would have gotten for myself but it blew me away. The quality of the shadows was just so nice and easy to work with... Well after this palette I was thinking a lot about trying out some more eyeshadows from ABH and like an answer to my prayers a palette was launched that was screaming my name; the Modern Renaissance palette! The reds, the oranges... Every shade was to died for! So I took the plunge and bought the palette and it is everything I hoped for and more!! The quality of this palette is, if possible, even better then the self made palette. The shadows are super pigmented, very soft, blends like a dream and the colors play so well together without turning into a muddy mess. All in all I am so happy with this palette and I'm so happy it is a permanent item so everyone gets a chance to try it out!


If you don't have time to read it all I will start with the short answer to this question: Hell yes!! Definitely a must have! And it's limited edition - so what ever you are doing just stop and run out and get it!!

Now to the long review ;) I had been eyeing this palette ever since the sneak peaks! I'm a little bit of a blush-aholic so of cause this caught my eye! But read the up on in and finding out that all the shades were picked by Gwen by what she feel looks good on her really intrigued me. This was a selling point for me because I'm super pale like Gwen and thought maybe I could look as good as her ;) haha! Well long story short I took the plunge and bought the palette in early March and have now been playing with it for a little under a month!

As soon as I got the palette in my hands I felt like this was a quality product! I know packaging is not important but this packaging us really nice! It's heavy, beautiful made and has a big mirror! And then there is the product <3<3<3 Oh Wauw such beautiful color! There are 3 matte shades and 3 shimmery shades! I know some people are scared of shimmery blushes but no need to be with these ones! The shimmer is soooo fine that it gives of a super healthy look! I kinda think the shimmery shades are my favorites :)

First shade in the palette is Cherry which is a matte light pink shade! This was the last shade I tried cos I just didn't think it would suit me! But as soon as I applied it, it blended into my skin to give of a look I would describe as a "spring day rosy cheek"! You know the type of rosy cheeks you get in the early spring where it's still a little cold in the air! I loved it!!

Second shade is Easy! This is a shimmery darker pink - it's actually a bit hard to really describe the color for me because it's not just pink I feel! Well this shade has already gotten a lot of hype and for good reason I think! It's VERY pigmented so a light hand is a must with this one and even with a light hand it does give of a pretty intense look! I will add a picture where I am wearing this shade :)

Third shade is Angle! This is a gold/peachy shimmery shade! And I use this as a highligher! I always have a hard time finding a highlighter I like because I don't like the disco ball look you get with a becca or the balm highlighter. But this one gives just the right amount of sheen to my cheeks! So pretty!

Fourth shade is Lo-Fi! This is a matte brown shade. I use this one to bronze up my skin! Now this might not work as a bronzer for everyone - but for very fair girls it's a very nice natural bronzer! I am also wearing this shade in the picture I will post :)

Fifth shade is Hush - and this might be my absolute favorite! Like Angle this shade works really well as a highlighter, but this has a peachy/pink shade! I am also wearing this one in the picture I will post.

Sixth and last shade is OC! This shade is a matte (but to me it has a slight sheen) peach! I have always been a big big lover of peach blushes and this is ni exception!?

So as you can see this palette can be used as a "entire face" palette - which just make a it even more of a must have!?

If you even have a slight feeling that you need go get it ;) I love this palette ;) Just if it wasn't?clear!

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