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Good Molecules

The Super Seven


Mariah C.
Already seeing a difference!

When I first saw Beautylish release Good Molecules I knew I had to try them because they care a lot about their customers so I knew their products would be high quality and still affordable. I couldn't decide which one to purchase so I ended up getting all 7 and I love every single one! My favorite is the overnight exfoliating treatment I put it on before bed and my skin is super soft the next day. I normally have sensitive skin but none of the products have irritated or burned my skin at all even using multiple serums with each other. I apply them in the morning and at night and my skin is already smoother and hydrated and my pores are a lot smaller after just a few days. Just a few drops of each go a long way so this will last me a while and I love the price! The packaging is really nice too with thick glass bottles and the serums have a stopper so you don't get excess product everywhere. Please consider making a travel size pack cause they're now a part of my skincare routine, and I insist on packing all 7 with me when I go away for the weekend lol! Thanks Beautylish!

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Chelsea B.
Glad i took the chance to try this line.

I am literally a nobody. Just a 7eleven employee and a mom of 2 boys. I saw this advertised on Fb and many were mad they were putting down the ordinary and that wayne goss is paid by beautylish etcetc but i still decided to try it. Ive been using the ordinary for a year and never had many results.. but since ive tried this kit i can see q difference for once which is a miracle for my skin. I still use my ordinary retinol and vitimin c and moisturizer but i have stopped using the other line up i had been using. Im so happy i tried good molecules. Plz come out with a retinol or vitmin c and a cleanser and toner

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Sabrina K. Moderator
1 set that does it all

If you are new to skincare, this is a easy "no thinking needed" set to get all you need for good skin!

Good Molecules put together a set that targets most skin conserns and I would recommend this set to everyone - Newbies and the skincare junkie! For a great price you get all you need!

And after I saw Wayne Goss say he mixes 3 drops of each product and use it as a night treatment, and we all jo that Wayne can do no wrong and in this case he did not disappoint - mixing it all feels like a crazy super serum and makes my skin look amazing!

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Crystal  Y.

Amazing price and quality skincare! I purchased the bundle because I was so interested in the products the formulas mimic a certain “ “ elephant Sephora brand people rave about! They have a aha/bha treatment called nighttime exfoliated that mimics their $80 baby facial it’s incredible. They also have polypeptide serum that also mimics the higher-end brands’ cream. So I definitely see a trend and am loving it. My skin is smooth and texture has drastically reduced in just a week what an amazing find!!!

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Laur E.
Should be called the Seven Wonders!

This skin care line is EVERYTHING! I’ve been having issues with rosacea and just uneven skin tone in general. I saw this set on Instagram and figured I’d give it a try. I am so thankful I did! My skin hasn’t felt or looked so healthy in such a long time. I’m 26 and I feel like these products are also helping me get a jump start on anti-aging! I highly recommend!

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Vicki T.
Affordable and they work

Love that for less than $60 I am able to try 7 different products. I have tried some of the ordinary products and they don’t even compare. In less time than a week I already notice my skin feeling softer, smoother, and glowing. My favorite products are the overnight exfoliating serum, super peptide serum, and the Ulta-hydrating face oil.

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Inbal G.
Great skincare line!

I'm 30 years old and have regular to mixed skin. I ordered the super seven set a month ago and I have been using it daily (mixing up the serums I choose to use each time and always use my regular moisturizer as the final step), most days both morning and before I go to bed. The first thing I've noticed is that it really tightened my pores! also, the skin is tighter and feels firmer as well. I don't have any sensitivities in general, and I didn't develop any regarding any of these products (made sure to test it on my neck first). One thing I've noticed that after using the "super serum" it really absorbs so quickly into the skin, even like it's a bit drying it. Since I go with other products afterward - I don't feel or sense any trouble with that on my skin. The products don't smell and the oils do a great job in hydrating my skin too. I would have been much nicer to recieve a full 1 ounce of them as well. Overall, I was really surprised by the change it made to my skin! I'll continue to use it :)

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Esther S.
Feel Wonderful

I bought the set and I've just been using them for a couple of days but my skin looks brighter and softer. My problem hyperpigmentation Dark and Sun spots. I'll have to use the products longer to make a review on how they work on my hyperpigmentation. These are good size products and very easy to use. Thanks Beautylish

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Janine B.
My skin has never looked better!

I recently had the opportunity to try this entire line and I’m So glad I did! I love having so many different options, as I tend to get bored easily with the “same old routine”. You can really change things up constantly with these products. I highly recommend getting the whole set, as each product has its own purpose. You can layer the serums under moisturizer or the oils, or just wear one or two a day depending on what your specific needs are. I notice my skin changes on a weekly basis due to hormones so it is really nice to be able to add a few serums or use just one or two if I’m feeling like my skin needs a break. The quality is outstanding!

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Jamie C.
Outperforming everything!

I have noticed subtle differences in my skin right away! Everything soaks in nicely and has not caused irritation. I have 3 small breakouts but I feel like my skin is purging. My face looks smoother and more filtered over textured areas when I wake up after using the exfoliating serum. I plan to keep using this. I’m so happy I purchased.

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