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Bright undereyes!

I'm in love with this product!! The eye cream works as a great first step that moisturis and benefit the gentle under eye skin. The next step, the brightening cream, instantly wakes up your entire face. It brightens and illuminat the under eyes and makes you look wide awake (even without any sleep!) The brightening cream can be used on its own or on top of a concealer. I use it on its own because I don't battle darkness on the under eye. I also like to dap a little bit on the tip of my nose, just above my eyebrows and on my chin to brighten up my face.

Beautiful on top of blush

This rose gold highlighter from Becca is gorgeous as either an intense highlighter or as a lovely topper for blush! As a blush topper the rose gold shade brings life and warmth to the cheeks and the highlighting effects give a healthy glow! It's definitely more intense then other highlighters so a light hand is a must (for me at least)

Airbrushed look!

This is a great setting powder that gives a lovely airbrushed look! I use the powder mainly to set my concealer, over my nose and a tiny bit on the chin and forehead - this makes my foundation look flawless and last all day. Only slight con I can think of is that I feel like it can look a little white on my skin when I apply it, the whiteness disappears after a short while so it's not a real con.

That "glow from within"

I have been struggling to find a highlighter that looks good on my pale milky white skin and I finally found it! This highlighter is light enough to match my skin without looking to obvious. It's also so finely milled that it gives my that healthy glow from within and not like I'm wearing an intense highlighter. This also means that if I us a super light hand I can even apply this under my eyes for a great brighten effect! IT cosmetics has a true fan in me!

Perfect everyday lipsticks

I'm so in love with this line of lipsticks! It's as comfortable as a super moisturizing lip balm but it still pack a good punch for color! I have the shade Love which by fare is the best You Lips But Better shade I have ever tried - this color is so effortless and can be worn with any makeup look and with no makeup at all! I have given it a special place in my "touch up" makeup bag because it's such a great universal shade! HG status!! I also have the shade Daring which is a gorgeous rich brown! This shade is, as it's name implies, daring and sultry! I feel like it looks best pared with a lipliner - but with a lipliner you can really manipulate the color. With a red lip liner you get a vampy redish brown shade. Whit a brown lip liner you get a true dark brown shade. And my favorite - with a mauve lip liner you get and interesting cooler mauve brown!!

A universal shade that actually works!

I'm always very sceptical about products that claims to be universal, because honestly how can a product suit all looks! Normally for me a universal color will always be too dark bec I of my very fair skin and blond hair - But this brow pencil actually match my brows perfectly and make my brows look full and natural!

The shape of the product makes it super easy to get a natural look!

Beautiful healthy lips!

This lipstick feels like a lip balm but gives my lips the most flattering, healthy looking lips! And even tho the lipstick is so moisturizing, it still has great staying power! Beautiful product!

Crazy awesome!

This is just such an awesome product! I use it both as a mascara on the days where I'm just going for natural lashes or as a primer on the days where I want wawa wume lashes ;)

Both ways this product makes my lashes look fuller and more luxurious because of its tightening wand!

Also it's AMAZING on the lower lashes! I can't even begin to explain how long it makes my lower lashes look! Doll eyes!

Absolutely gorgeous!

I'm so in love with this palette! All the shadows are so soft, buttery and pigmented! The variety of colors are beautiful - With everything from soft neutrals, warm oranges and dark blues!

The fact that it's an all matte palette but with a transforming pearl shade that can make any of the shadows shimmery really makes this palette one of the most unique and multi purposes palettes I own!

Perfect beginner palette

I really love this palette! The colors are beautiful and easy to work with! The last thing is also what makes me think that this is a perfect beginner palette! If you are looking for your first palette this has all you need! The palette has a good variety of matte, shimmery and glittery shadows. All the colors works perfectly together and give the possibility of creating countless looks. Also the shadows are super easy to work with. They are pigmented, but not to pigmented which makes it easier for a eyeshadow beginner :)

It's still one of the palettes that I reach for the most :)

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