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I have been using this for a little while now and I must say I am hooked!!

Here's some of the things that makes me love this product: * This product gives me flawless skin without it looking like I'm wearing a ton of makeup! They call it a full coverage CC cream and I would compare it to a medium coverage foundation. The finish is skin like and the name "Your skin but better" is very fitting of the product! * It's so light weight that I don't really feel it on my skin. * The staying power is good and I feel like it's looks good all day long. * It has spf 50 and lots of great ingredients that makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my skin while wearing it. * I looove the smell! I know this is a weird plus and it might not be for everyone but I absolutely love the smell of it!

This is a product I definitely will repurchase when I finish it!


I have this blush in the shade coral and oh my it is one of the most beautiful blushes I own!

The blush has an ombre effect of 3 colors: a peachy coral, a coral and a bright almost pinkish coral. They can be used separately or swirled together. On a day to day basis I like to swirl the peachy color and the coral color to bring a beautiful warm color to my cheeks! On days where I want more drama I will swirl all the colors together for a bright beautiful pop of color on my cheeks!

The staying power is great! At the end of the day I still see the blush and it fades in a very nice and natural way!

Only downside (which is not really a downside) it's CRAZY pigmented!! First time I applied it, clown city haha!! So you barely have to touch the blush with your brush and you definitely need to knock of excess product before applying it!


I have nerve been a big fan of moisturizing masks as I always felt the did nothing but leave my face greasy! Then I got a sample size of this mask with a sephora buy and didn't think much more of it, it just laid in a draw with my other masks.. This was in October, and as December came my skin got so dry and nothing worked and then tadaaa there was this little blue tube staring up at me, so I exfoliated my skin and put a generous amount of the product on, and I kid you not, after 3 minutes or so my face had soaked it all up and looked better then ever!! I now use it as a nightly moisturiser once a week or every other week to keep my skin perfectly smooth, hydrated and glowing!! The texture of it is delicious, it goes on smoothly, doesn't feel heavy and it smells better than candy! I would recommend this to absolutely everyone!

Love love love!!

I love this mascara! I gives me so long lashes! It does take a few tries to apply it perfectly, but when you got it you will have amazing results!

Best polish ever

I have always been a sucker for all Essie nail polishes - but after trying Zoya I have a new no 1!!

Zoya is not available in my country, so I get them shipped from USA, it's a bit expensive but absolutely worth it! The color range is AMAZING!! They are long lasting and (for me) they don't really chip! My zoya collection is slowly growing and has left my Essie on a sad second place!

Totally worth buying!!

My signature scent

I love this perfume very much, I have been using it for years and years and I can't find anything I like better then this. The scent is sophisticated sexy - floral without being childish. It's perfect for a everyday use as it is not to overpowering yet not to discrete :)

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