Beauty Product Reviews

Does what it says!

This is a really good moisturizer and it does keep my face shine free. The only few down falls are that it catches on dry spots and makes them more prominent. Also because of the SPF it creates a white cast on the face, which for me isn't the best because I'm already super white. The scent is nice too, not very strong. I really like it but now I only use it on a few areas of my face. If you're fairly tanned, have no dry patches and have oily skin then this would be perfect.

Holy grail brush!

This is my favorite brush, we've had this brush in my family since before I was born and just got another one. It gets rid of every tangle and knot and lasts a life time. It's also very well made, not cheap what so ever (both regarding quality and price). I have the French Isinis brush which is a cheaper version, of the English Mason brush that costs 120+ while the Isinis costs around $40, but even the quality of this is just as amazing. I will never buy a different type of brush in my life. :D Everyone should have one if your looking for a high quality brush!

Best concealer ever!

Hands down this is the best concealer I have ever tried! It covers both blemishes and under eye circles completely, still looking very natural (like your own skin). It lasts all day and comes off easily. I have no cons about this product and I hope that if you are in need of a good concealer you will try it out! :D

Spider lashes!

I really wanted to like this product but I just couldn't. After all the great reviews I decided to get the sample size. When I first put it on the plastic brush hurt my eyes when I was wiggling the brush through my lashes. It did lengthen and add volume to my lashes but they looked a bit spidery (I only did one coat). I have long lashes to begin with so when I had the mascara on it felt very heavy and weighed down my lashes. Probably the worst thing was taking it off. Unless you have very powerful makeup remover this mascara will not come off. It took me about ten minutes just to get it off using two makeup removers and water. Although this mascara is not my favorite I did give it two stars because it did add volume and length to my lashes, it just didn't look or feel good. But this is just my opinion, many others like it so maybe you will too!

Pores be gone!

This does what it says, it minimizes the appearance of my pores very well. I bought the sample tube a little less than a year ago and still have over half of the product left. It feels very smooth on the skin and has a soft pleasant smell. The only down side is that when I put it on in some areas it gets a bit flaky, but that might just be my skin. It's a really nice product if you want to cover up pores and blackheads.

I love Nivea

This is my all time favorite creme and brand! It's very moisturizing and I have even used it on my lips when I didn't have a lip balm on hand. This is one of my favorite scents, it reminds me of when I was a little kid (and smells a bit like sunscreen). It's really hydrating and absorbs pretty quickly, just make sure to rub it into your skin well because it is a white creme.

Smells good after half an hour

I really love the smell of this perfume! At first it's strong but after half an hour it smells very soft, sweet and girly. My cousin and I sprayed this at least 10 times on ourselves in DM only to find that by the time we walked home we could barely smell it. I can only smell it if I put my nose right up to where I sprayed it. That being said it smells really good after half an hour!..Just not very strong. Maybe that's just how it reacts with my skin, try it for yourself!

Nice but expensive.

This is basically a little tub of sugar. Yes it does scrub your lips, it tastes/smells good but for 9 dollars? It just isn't worth the price (if you're thinking of buying this just rub some sugar on your lips and reconsider lol). Over all it was a good product but I wouldn't buy it again.