Beyonce Heat Rush


Chic U.
It's so/so

I totally agree, it does smell salty if you apply to much. It doesn't irritate my skin, that's a plus. It usually lasts a few hours for me. It definitely got a floral scent to it ( that's a good thing ). I'm constantly complimented on it ( that's also a good thing ). I think I would totally recommend//buy this for a friend :)

Princess T.
Its aight lol

I love beyonce but this particular fragrance if you dab a bit too much you will walk around smelling like the inside of a salt shaker yes it has a hint of fruity/floral notes but when that dies down you smell like straight up salt I understand this scent is suppose to bring spice and obviously heat to your body chemistry but still not much of sultry just salty

Lauren D.

Absolutely love this perfume, it smells flowery and is so so gorgeous. This one is the best out of the Beyonce collection xo xo xo always find myself reaching for this perfume.

Moni K.
Smells good after half an hour

I really love the smell of this perfume! At first it's strong but after half an hour it smells very soft, sweet and girly. My cousin and I sprayed this at least 10 times on ourselves in DM only to find that by the time we walked home we could barely smell it. I can only smell it if I put my nose right up to where I sprayed it. That being said it smells really good after half an hour!..Just not very strong. Maybe that's just how it reacts with my skin, try it for yourself!

Hannah R.

I adore this scent, and I'm pretty picky with perfumes. I love the warmth it has while still being sweet and feminine. I can hardly smell it though! Even when I first started using it it was very unnoticable. I personally want a perfume that people will notice, be drawn to, and compliment throughout the day. When I wear this, if I ask, people will say they can't smell it even maybe ten to fifteen minutes after application. If it had more lasting power, I'd make this my go-to scent.

Shannon M.

I picked up a bottle of this on Black Friday (along with Heat) and I must say Heat Rush is my favorite out of the two. It's got a citrus fragrance to it, but it's also florally at the same time. It's gorgeous.

Missy L.

I love Beyonce so i decided to try out her perfume, the scent is great, i love the musk scent hidden beneath all the other scents which makes it great to wear at night. Top notes: passon fruit, blood orange, cherry

Heart: tiger orchid, mango blossom, hibiscus

Base: teak wood, amber, musk

Matilda E.
Fresh fresh fresh!

I think the description of this category is 100% right! It's fresh, fresh, fresh! And I love that it's a light scent that I can wear daily, but for me does it work even at night!

If you like fragrences that's fresh and gives energy, get this one! :)

Lisa L.

Just purchase this fragrance a few days ago & it's completely amazing. I love sweet smelling scents & this one was right up my alley. It smells so good! I can already see myself running to this perfume all the time. The packaging is cute as well.