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Beauty Product Reviews

Fun and Flattering

I got a set of this a few Christmases ago and I never really liked them...but then, one day, I was looking through my collection and tried them again.. Thank goodness I did! I love these so much. I took off a star because I would like the staying power to be a little longer, but that's really it! I love to put these over similar lipsticks, or even put these on first and then dap lipstick on for a extra bit of color.


I mix this with my sheer-medium buildable foundation, and it creates a full coverage foundation that looks like skin. Real skin. I look like a real human, that's alive and ready to participate in life. This is a LIFESAVING product.


I discovered this last year, and I'm so happy I did. I fell in love with this product and it's natural counterpart. Oh boy. I know it's a spot treatment, but I use it all over my face, and all I can say is, this is like a gift.


I LOVE the way this smells. A lot of washes smell like alcohol, but this smells good and feels so refreshing on my skin. Also, I have sensitive skin, but the exfoliants aren't harsh, so they don't bother me. And another plus, it doesn't make me break out!

Multi-use Heaven

I've used this product for years, and have always loved the results. I used to use this by itself, but sheer coverage just isn't enough for my skin due to acne scarring. Instead, I now use this as a setting powder, and as a blotting/touch up powder throughout the day. It keeps my foundation and concealer in place, and helps me quickly fix and oil in my t-zone without taking away my coverage.

Love This Liner!

I've been using this liner since middle school and I'll always love it. It's affordable and does what I need it to do. It lasts all day in the Florida heat, is easy to sharpen, doesn't irritate my eyes, and it doesn't drag across my lid or make uneven lines. It's my go-to at the drugstore!

Favorite Lotion

I've been using this lotion since the 5th grade, and it's always been my favorite because it's unscented, goes on smooth, doesn't aggravate my skin, and it's easy to mix my primer and foundation with this lotion to create a tinted moisturizer!


I've been using these for years and they never disappoint, so thankful these exist! My t-zone is so oily, these fix it in 10 seconds and they keep my makeup intact.

  • N9
Beautiful, Natural Colors

I got this in Sephora's birthday gift, and I'm so happy I did. I'll definitely be buying a full size tube. I love the color and how natural it looks and feels. I can go 3-4 hours without needed a touch up, and the lipstick doesn't usually transfer when I eat or drink. My color, N9, is a soft color that will enhance any skin tone. I recommend this line and shade. Pictured is N9.

Smooth and Natural Looking

I bought this in the shade Beige Craze and I absolutely love the color. It's a soft, light pink that would flatter most skins tones. It can be used to add shine to bare lips or enhance the color and shine of your lipstick!

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