On the Spot Acne Treatment


Maria L.

I discovered this last year, and I'm so happy I did. I fell in love with this product and it's natural counterpart. Oh boy. I know it's a spot treatment, but I use it all over my face, and all I can say is, this is like a gift.

Ariana G.
Slow Process

Didnt help much at all for most of my acne. It generally didnt do anything for my red blemishes and if it did help, I didnt notice. Very uneffective and too much to pay for a product that doesnt do anything.

Angel M.
Wouldnt recommend this

Yes i know it doesnt work over night. Yet ive used this for a week and it worked amazing! Until my skin got used to it. I continued to use it but it didnt help 1 bit. Didnt reduce anything after. It just acts like a lotion to me . i gave it to my friend and it happenes to her to. So i wouldnt recommend it. Save your money for something that lasts

Emma Y.

Not great- I have oily skin, and when I used this at first I didn't really notice a difference. My spots got all of this dry skin around them and they didn't go away until a while later. I did flow the instructions for "if dryness occurs" bit it didn't help. I didn't like this product:(

Joanna M.

Benzoyl peroxide is a must when I have a blemish and works fast! Whenever I wake up with one I always use this that night and by morning my skin is good to go

Vanessa W.

just bought this a few days ago and i gotta say i love it! i had a small breakout on my chin and this cleared it literally overnight. I've been looking for an effective acne cream as good as Benza Clin and this is probably the one! i'll be recommending from now on. :)

Tiara C.

I love using this when i first see my skin starting to break out and it works great if u use it every day. I like that it has benzoyl peroxide which helps break outs

Amrita A.

I found that this product didn't work at all, and it made my skin feel oily after using it. I have minor acne so I thought this would be the perfect product for me to try, but it failed miserably. Won't buy again.

Alexa B.
My go-to for years

I've used this product for YEARS. It really works for my sensitive skin. It doesn't dry it out or irritate my skin. But it really shrinks my breakouts. I use this along with the neutrogena oil free acne wash and I am so thankful I've found gentle products that really keep my skin smooth, healthy, and blemish free.

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Morgan D.

This product worked really well for me. Every time i use it, the zits are gone within days! I would recommend this highly! It works very well to make the zits noticeably less red and then within days, they have disappeared! My skin does not get very many zits but when it does, they are noticeable, so i use this! Works every time i have a zit and i will definitely buy this again!