Beauty Product Reviews

Butternut and Brownstone

The Butternut is just okay. Fine if you want a very very light nude look. The brownstone I looove. Especially the deepest brown shade. Very pigments and easily blendable. I was impressed considering it's a buck. Will purchase again and maybe a few others. They are so small awesome for travel.

Bye Bye Primer Potion

I couldn't believe this. My best friend put this in my stock at Christmas and OMG I couldn't believe it. I really did not expect it to work but boy was I wrong. Yes of course the Primer Potion last's longer but the primer potion exceeds how long I actually need it to last. As long as I put my makeup on in the am and come home and it still looks fresh I am good. And this does it. I will not waste my money again. This does the job and does it well.

Heather Silk

This blush is amazing. Perfect for all skin tones. And matte. It stays all day. And if you are fair like me this blush will last you forever. You seriously need the littlest amount. It's incredibly pigmented. Just a little tap in the product is all you need. And it will keep you looking gorgeous all day long.

Best lip treatment ever

Best lip treatment on the market. Okay well maybe there is a better one but I wouldn't know because Carmex has been moisturizing and repairing my lips since i was a kid. I put it on every night before bed. In the morning my lips are still moisturized. If my lips are cracking this is sure to fix it. Every time. Love Carmex one of my tops products for sure.


Not a bad thing to say. Awesome color pay off, moisturizing, wide selection, colors are very flattering. I love them and always have one on me. I have mine in watermelon and it's perfect on my fair skin.

Has it's purpose

This is horrible for trying to cover up acne flare up's. But it's amazing for covering up redness on the skin and acne scarring. Has it purpose I will always purchase it along with the Olay concealer. Just careful not to use too much or it's very cakey.

Good setting powder.

If you're looking for a powder with a good color pay off this isn't it. But it's an awesome powder for setting your make up, keeping it matte, and it last's all day.


Lovvvve this mascara, I have been purchasing it since it got on the shelves and I will as long as it is on the shelves. I makes my lashes so soo long and they look amazing every time. When you first open it for the first few weeks wipe off the excess or you''re lashes will clump but after a few weeks the consistency dries a little and it's perfect.

Does the job

It's a pretty decent primer in regards to the longevity. I do like it in that regards. I prefer silicone based primers since I feel like my foundation blends flawlessly over my skin. This one feels more like a moisturizer with primer in it. But it does work, and it's affordable. I would recommend it.

It's okay.

It's okay but just okay. It keeps lips moisturized through out the day but if your lips are already chapped this isn't the product. I have only tried it in melon so i can't say about the other but the melon is not the greatest. I do like that is is organic but in terms to how well it hydrates the original chap stick does a better job.

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