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Feels great!

This product is amazing! It's an exfoliating scrub but it's not real think or harsh on the skin. The best part is that it's thermal so it heats up right when you put it on your skin and it feels amazing! When you're working it into the skin you can really feel your pores open up. It rinses off well with no icky residue or dryness and it leaves your skin silky smooth. It also smells really well too. Only reason I had to give this four stars is because of the cost ($50) but I suppose with a name like Estee Lauder it's worth a few extra pennies! I would certainly purchase this product again in the future!

I really love this product from Milani! I bought the shade Coral Cabana in the middle of the summer because the bright lips look were so in style I wanted to give it a try. I was skeptical to see how such a bright color would look on me without looking like a clown but it looks wonderful! The color is actually complimentary to my skin-tone, it goes on smooth, feels moisturizing and has a pretty good staying power to it. Plus the pigment is great as well. I really love to use this shade of their lipstick followed by the Milani baked blush in Corallina; the combination gives a very healthy and radiant look!

While I do enjoy some other products I've purchased from Milani, I didn't really care for this one. I have the shade Fashion Diva, and while the color itself looks lovely I'm not too fond of the ingredients in the gloss. I feel it's rather sticky and uncomfortable on the lips and also if by accident you should get some on your tounge, the taste is terrible. I'll use up the tube I have just cause I don't want to waste it but I wouldn't purchase this particular product from Milani again.

I really like this blush! I have Corallina, which is kind of a peachy, orange shade but not overbearing on the cheeks. I feel the color gives off a nice healthy glow to the face and it has a bit of shimmer but again, nothing overbearing. I believe this product is under ten dollars and for as much blush as it is, I feel it's a good price! I would definetly buy this again in another color to try out!

I really love this eyeliner! I have the black one and it's, to me, a deep, very highly pigminted black and it's good for the waterline. I don't feel like I have to press real hard on my waterline or re-do it several times to get a good black line. It applies smooth, like butter. However, I do feel it does start to smudge rather quickly in the outer corners. Other than that it's truly not bad for it's cost which I think is around $6? Can't be beat for the quality it provides for a drugstore eyeliner!

This is an excellent drugstore mascara! It's very buildable & you can get big full lashes with it! Very affordable however I feel it does dry out rather quickly. Otherwise, I think it's great!

I LOVE this product! I just received it two days ago and it's wonderful! It has a nice smooth, silky feeling on the skin, it blends in well, great moisture and is an EXCELLENT make-up primer! I really feel applying this first, makes my foundation glide on like butter! It's $25 for the full bottle and I can definetly say I will purchase this again in the future! If you're looking for something that's versatile and can function as a moisturizer and as a primer then I do recommend this product!

I really enjoy using this product & my bottle is almost empty! I like to use it in layers to help set my make-up as I apply. Also, it's a great product to use if you're using a foundation that may be a little difficult to blend on the skin. Just give your face a few sprays of this then go ahead with your liquid foundation and it will glide a lot easier. It's a hydrating spray, smells nice and dries fairly quickly.

For a drugstore foundation, I find this product wonderful! My shade is #220 and when I first purchased it I was a little skeptical because it does start to dry quickly. I feel you definetly need to have a good mousturizer or primer on prior to applying and once you get it on the skin begin blending immediately! I would apply it first with a foundation brush then blend it in more with a stipling or buffing brush. I purchased this at my local Wal-Mart for about $9.50 and I counted 36 shades which is awesome! It was so nice to see a foundation available with shades that can compliment women of color. When I use non drugstore foundations usually one pump or about a pea size amount of product is enough to cover my whole face but with this I did need about two pea size dollops in order to cover my whole face. I haven't used a drugstore foundation in YEARS and I can honestly say that I will be purchasing this again when my bottle runs out!

Looks great on skin!

I really love this foundation! It is costly, ($40) but I feel for the number if shades available and the pigment & coverage payoff it's worth it! The foundation feels good and moisturizing on my skin and is relatively easy to blend. I recommend using a stipling or buffing brushing to apply this to give a really polished finished. If applied well, your skin can really look airbrushed! Also, for me, I only need one full pump of this product and that's enough to cover my whole face. I really feel you do get a lot of bang for your buck on this product!

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