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Excellent for itchy skin

This lotion is the only thing that actually calms my itchy skin all day. I've tried every lotion short of hydrocortisone, and this stuff is the best. I think it even rivals Aquaphor and doesn't come with earth-unfriendly ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil. I get this in a 32 oz. size from Whole Foods and it lasts me at least six months. I apply this in the morning after a shower and it absorbs well, is truly fragrance free, and keeps my skin healthy. I highly recommend this!

smells wonderful

The consistency of this lipgloss is awesome, because it's not sticky to me at all. Some of the ingredients have a tendency to separate in the tube, probably due to the fact that many of them are organic, but after you shake it up, it's fine. I own this in 'Super Rose', a lilac-pink pearl. It's not too sheer, smells fruity, and really moisturizes your lips. I only took off half a star because of the ingredients separating, but besides that, it's such a pretty gloss. It's too bad this doesn't get the attention it deserves.

A favorite

I have to say, I didn't think I would like this. I've tried Origins' other mascaras and wasn't very impressed by them, mostly because I like my mascara to hold more of a curl. However, with the addition of the primer end, this mascara gives me the look I want without being too harsh on my lashes. This makes them appear soft and natural, yet still dramatic. I've also noticed the primer distributes pretty evenly as well and the mascara itself is extremely black, traits I haven't had any luck with in other brands. I'm really glad they came out with this as a single tube!


I ended up purchasing this on a trip because I forgot my blemish treatment at home, and of course whenever I do that, I get a zit. At first application, I wasn't very impressed because I didn't think it was doing anything to treat the problem; there was no stinging sensation, it just made my skin feel cool. However, within two days, I noticed a significant difference in the size of the break out, and no matter how often I used it, it never dried out my skin. It's a bit pricey, so I haven't officially incorporated it into my daily routine, but if I ever feel like splurging again, this will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Pretty good!

Even though I'm not crazy about coconut fragrances, this isn't overpowering at all. In fact, it smells as though it's a mixture of vanilla and coconut, which I really like. I actually use this at night before I go to bed in an attempt to keep my hair healthy, especially when it's as long as it is now. I really hate split ends, and this helps keep them under control. However, this line also makes a 'split end mender', so I'm going to try that next and see which I like better.

The best I've tried

A little goes a long way with this product and I really like the container. The jar design allows me to make use of every last bit of it. It's not too thick, nor too watery and the SPF is exactly what I was looking for. The light fragrance is refreshing in the mornings, but doesn't linger too long. It also absorbs quickly, but keeps my face hydrated all day. I've tried cheaper facial moisturizers in an attempt to save money, but this is one I'm willing to make sacrifices for!

smells nice, but...

This lip balm didn't amaze me. It smells very pretty, and if you love the smell of lavender, you'll like this. But in regards to actual results, this is like a standard chapstick. I have to keep applying this throughout the day as I haven't noticed any lasting results. For the price, it's definitely not worth it. There are better and cheaper brands of natural lip balm out there. It's too bad, because I really wanted to like this! I love that Pangaea uses organic ingredients, and shea butter is usually one of my go-to ingredients for long-term moisturizing, but this just didn't cut it.

Inexpensive and biodegradable

These are my favorite! They smell like lavender and with a count of 60, they last for about 2 months. I use these to get rid of the majority of my eye makeup before washing my face. In the past, I would use facial cleansing towelettes, but I would use them up in a month and it just got too expensive. I also didn't like the feeling of just using a towelette on my face, as it never felt clean enough. With these, I can remove the waterproof and long-lasting stuff before I wash my face, spending less time on scrubbing off the hard-to-remove cosmetics. What's more, they are the same price as the makeup removing towelettes but last twice as long.

Soft and Floral

I love this scent from the VS Pink line. It's lovely and floral, but not too sweet or girly. I actually have it in the sparkling body spray, which is fun for spring and summer. It's a great everyday scent; not too heavy or overpowering. Recommended for those who like light and flowery fragrances.


I like these when I just want to purchase a specific color. However, the formula can be a little chalky, which effects the pigmentation. Even though the colors are light, they last throughout the day. Since they resist crinkling, they're great for creases. My favorite is 'Copper Penny', a shimmery copper-brown, which I pair with the 'Cocoa' Automagically Eyeliner. I wear these when I want a polished, natural, low-key look. I recommend always using a primer with these eyeshadows, and using the included eyeshadow brushes don't pick up enough color from the pan, but the included applicator works just fine.

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