Victoria's Secret

Pink Pretty & Pure


Jessica B.
Soft and Floral

I love this scent from the VS Pink line. It's lovely and floral, but not too sweet or girly. I actually have it in the sparkling body spray, which is fun for spring and summer. It's a great everyday scent; not too heavy or overpowering. Recommended for those who like light and flowery fragrances.

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Kylee M.
Very light scent, perfect!

This is my favorite scent from Victoria's Secret that I have bought so far. It smells not too floral but not too sweet. The bottle is really cute and I love the colors. The thing I love most about it is that the smell is not too strong. I am not too much of a perfume person but I absolutely love this! It costed around $14 which is not too bad. If you are looking for a light scent that is not obnoxious, this is it!

Hannah H.
Clean & Fresh

This is a very nice, light, fresh and clean scent. It is great to use after a workout if you need to run an errand. I love it because I am not about smelling really strong so this scent is very light and not overwhelming. I reccomend it to people who aren't big on wearing perfume. I love this scent and will be buying more.

Jani M.
My favorite PINK scent.

I got this as a graduation present (well, to be more specific, I got a gift card to VS Pink), and I loved it. It's a nice sweet scent that I wore almost every day for school. Great for the Spring/Summer seasons, and for everyday activities.

Melanie G.
fruity and sweet scent

I recently picked up one of the new lines of perfume at VS from their PINK line. The one I chose was called "Pretty & Pure". I picked it mostly because the bottle was adorable, but it was also one of the only scents out of the bunch that I liked. It was super cheap at $15 compared to other perfumes, and has a nice fruity scent to it. Not something I would wear during the winter or out to a fancy place, but a good, fun, everyday scent. It is very sweet and fruity so its perfect for summer.

Tamara N.
Clean & Light

Of all the PINK scents I own I believe this may be one of the very light scents. If you're not a frequent perfume or Body mist wearer, but want to try something-I'd recommend this. It is a very clean and "soap and water" type scent to me. It's light and easily wearable without irritating allergies/asthma (at least mine!) A plus, is that you can spray as much as you want without being overwhelmed.

On the downside, with light scented perfumes/body mists like these, they do not LAST very long. I find myself spraying it every 3-4hrs. Overall, it is not my favorite but definitely worth having.