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best drugstore concealer

I really like this concealer. For a drugstore brand, it's the best I've tried. It blends well, covers up imperfections, and looks natural. The only bad thing is it can dry up if you don't wrap it in something, which hasn't happened to me with any other concealer. The container also breaks easily...if they found another way to dispense the product, I would be all over this!

Won't use anything else

This actually speeds up the healing process of my blemishes. I read such great reviews about it that I had to try it myself. That was over two years ago, and this still works for me. I love that it smells like licorice and the slight tingling it leaves on my face. I think it does a great job of killing bacteria, too. I used to use it everyday on my nose and chin, places I've had breakouts in the past, but it's too drying for preventative use (at least for me). Now I stick to using it only when a blemish pops up. This stuff really owns up to its claims!

Mostly perfect

This lipstick is so soft and creamy and the minty scent is awesome. I love that it has SPF and how buttery my lips feel after I apply it. I own this in Sparkling Punch and it is the lipstick I always turn to. The color is natural looking, but still has a subtle shimmer to it. However, I've found with continued use, the mint is a little too overpowering and can actually dry out my lips. I now apply a balm before putting this on, which counteracts any dryness.

Crimson and Clover

One of the best I've tried! This blush is long-lasting, natural-looking, and the shade 'Crimson and Clover' gives me a pretty flush. A little goes a long way with this, as the color is beautifully saturated. The actual product lasts quite awhile. This is my go-to when I don't want to look like I'm wearing anything at all. And for $20 (US), it's a great deal.

Clumps a little

I really wanted to like this mascara due to its lengthening and conditioning properties, not to mention the really cute bamboo packaging. I actually found that it lives up to its claims fairly well, but it clumps! Also, the more often I use it, the more I notice the formula becoming drier. I think it's because due to the nature of the packaging, it doesn't have enough of a seal around the cap to keep enough air out. I'm going back to doesn't clump or dry out.


For the most part, I agree with Bless. I just wish this concealer were more waterproof and lasted longer throughout the day. Otherwise, the consistency is light but ample enough to cover dark circles, blend evenly, and moisturize. I also love that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any make up with this.

My all time favorite

The Vibrantly Smooth collection from the Tresemme Naturals line is my favorite. I love the price, how it keeps my hair healthy and shiny, and its clarifying properties. Though I wish the shampoo had no sulfates, I can't afford to be too picky on a budget. In my experience, the trick is to use both the shampoo and conditioner, otherwise the outcome is lack-luster. I normally do not wash my hair everyday, as it tends to strip my natural oils, effectively drying it out. So I wash every OTHER day instead...if I wait any longer than that, my hair gets nasty greasy. I've found the combination of this shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair clean even through the off-days so it's hydrated, not overly oily. Oh, and it smells pretty, too. Highly recommended.


I put this on at night before I go to bed, as the formula is very lotion-like, leaving lips pale. I've found the 'ghostly' look doesn't disappear, even after applying a gloss or lipstick, hence the reason I wear it at night. It's got a slight minty feel and taste, but not enough to dry out my lips. In the morning, my lips feel soft and smooth; chapped lips and flakiness are gone. I have to take allergy medication every once in awhile, which frequently dries my lips out, but this fixes the problem. I've tried everything before this, and this is all that works.


I work your typical 40-hour week, but sometimes I have to work evenings, which leaves me looking pretty tired. I have subtle under-eye circles, but they become amplified with puffiness...especially if I don't get enough sleep. This product calms my skin, reduces the look of dark circles and imperfections, and blends easily. I also like to look wide awake, even if I'm not, so in the past I would reapply a small dab of concealer around my eyes later on during the day. Not anymore, not with this amazing container of awesome! What makes it even more amazing is that I can use it as an eye doesn't crease, covers spider veins, and makes eyeshadow stay put. I love making the most out of my make up, and this is by far my best investment!

Strong fragrance

I have this in cucumber. The packaging of this hand lotion is ergonomic and the consistency is light and soft. It's not overly moisturizing to the point where I feel like I have gel on my hands, but it hydrates enough to keep them soft. The only thing I don't like is that the smell is kinda may just be me, but I don't think cucumbers really smell that potent. If they toned down the scent, it would be absolutely perfect.

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