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This moisturizer is definitely firming, but it's not a miracle worker. It gives the skin on my thighs the feeling of a girdle without the discomfort of one. It smells kind of like a plant nursery to me, but with a twist of lime. I tend to like more natural scents, but I can see how this one might be overpowering. However, it doesn't linger. One major issue I had with this product is that it takes awhile to absorb into your skin. If you don't mind taking an extra minute to rub it in, it's worth trying.


This eye primer feels super smooth on the lids and really does make shadow last. There is also minimal, if any, creasing. I personally haven't had a problem in this respect. Also, if you have spider veins on your lids, this masks them completely. My only reservation for this product is the packaging. The product can actually break fairly easily inside the tube. You can avoid this if you're extremely careful, but even if it does break, you can still use it. I just push it back into the tube and keep using it, but I've heard that some people just break it off right when they get it and put it in a small container. They use their fingers to distribute the product over their eyelid, which works just as well. This eye primer is also relatively cheaper than others out there, so it's a pretty good buy.


I actually got this from Tarte's website at 40% off, which was such a great deal off of an already bargain price. Every color is wearable, even the sparkly charcoal black (I use it as an eyeliner). The light pink matte is great for inner eye corners, as well. My favorites are the moss green, the bronze (below green), the peachy gold (left of green), and the golden lavender (below peachy gold). But as much as I love those colors, I've gotten the most out of the ivory and soft beige on the far left, just because they help blend in the stronger colors. They're also great on the brow bone. Like Lacey said below, you can reuse the palette. Tarte sells single shadows on their website for about $17 each. I would visit their site frequently, though. Sometimes they have sales.

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