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This stuff prevents my face from breaking out, but doesn't over-dry my skin. The combination of salicylic acid and ground peach stone is gentle, but effective. Unlike other exfoliators, this feels mild enough to use everyday. It doesn't completely strip my skin, it just leaves it soft and moisturized. I just use a small amount and massage it over my face in small circular motions with my fingertips. I've found this removes dirt, oil, and makeup while saving my skin from too much abrasion. Highly recommended.

Eco Pink

While I do find these moisturizing, the color payoff isn't that great. However, if you just want to enhance your natural lipcolor, these are perfect. Eco Pink is practically the exact same color as my lips, but provides a subtle shimmer. I wish these had SPF, but otherwise they do their job.

Light Linen

I love this because it is slightly heavier than a tinted moisturizer, but not so much that I feel like I'm wearing a mask. The addition of SPF 15 is great, as I like to have on as much skin protection as possible. Some TMs offer plenty of hydration, yet are lackluster in the coverage department. Nude and Improved truly balances these traits, offering the best of both worlds. I have this in 'Light Linen', which is perfect for my skin tone, and it blends seamlessly into my skin while still allowing my freckles to come through. I also love that it's made without parabens, pthalates, or other persistent preservatives. I think it comes in 5 shades and at around $20 (US), it's worth a try.

pretty and sweet

This blush does what it claims. It's long-lasting and I've noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin after a couple weeks of use. I own this in 'Blissful', a warm peachy shade that looks almost neon in the compact. However, just a slight dab of my brush picks up just enough color to give me a healthy flush. This will definitely last a long time, so it's worth the price. I also love the adorable packaging!

So fresh and so clean

This is great for removing even the most waterproof eye make up. It's probably the only thing I've tried that gets everything off my face. I haven't seen any residue on my washcloths or anything after using this, either. This stuff really gets into your pores and cleans your skin, too. I highly recommend.

You just can't lose with these

Everything about these brushes is awesome. The bamboo and recycled metal materials are sustainable, but also look beautiful. The bristles are cruelty-free, super soft, and distribute product evenly. These are also some of the most affordable AND well crafted brushes out there. Ecotools brushes are the best I've ever used, and you can get them anywhere. Seriously, go buy them.

So silly...

Is it sad that one of the top reasons I bought this was to play with the brush? Yes...yes it is... I don't think it does a terrible job at lengthening or volumizing, it just didn't 'wow' me like I wanted it to. I guess I just think if someone is going to put all that effort into making a fun-to-play-with brush then the formula should measure up to some extent as well. But sadly, it does not. Next time, I'll think more about what I want my mascara to do for my lashes and less about how it amuses me. Yeah, so I'm entertained by a tube of mascara...what?!

Natural looking

I own this in 'Pink It Over', a pinky-coral shade. It's sheer and has subtle shimmer, and the color was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a fresh pop of color on my lips for spring, something coral-y, but not too orange. I also wanted a comfortable-feeling gloss with a smooth texture, not sticky or goopy like others I'd tried. This was perfect. However, as with the other Origins lip products, there is an abundance of mint in this, which could be drying. It tastes and smells wonderful, but I think its just too abrasive on my skin. But as long as I apply balm first, I have no issues with this. It doesn't stay on for long, but I don't really expect much out of my lipglosses to begin with.

Brightens up my cheeks!

This is a gorgeous highlighter. I have this in 'Pink Potion' and it does the same as Benefit's High Beam, but costs about $10 less and you actually get more product. It can be mixed with foundation to give skin a subtle glow, or used to emphasize cheeks. I like to wear this when I'm wearing a bright lipstick so I don't look overdone, as I would with blush. I've even used it on my shoulders! It doesn't come with an applicator, which I could see some people minding, but I just use a typical cosmetic sponge to apply it and it works great. This stuff rocks!

Not crazy about the automatic feature, but...

I normally hate automatic dispensers when it comes to eyeliners. More often than not, the product breaks inside the tube, dries out, or the tip flattens. However, it's been difficult for me to find a brown eyeliner that doesn't have any shimmer or sparkles in it lately. Sometimes I want to spruce up my eyes a little, but I don't want to look overdone. This matte eyeliner in 'Cocoa' is the perfect color, and the lady at the Origins counter showed me how to make a subtle smoky eye with the smudging end. Despite the automatic feature, this eyeliner is a stroke of genius. I've only had the product break in the tube when I had little more than one use left in it, and it's never dried out. Fancy that!

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