Beauty Product Reviews

love this color

This eye liner is great, I even love the brush it comes with, which suprised me since those things are usually cheap and useless but this one definately works for me. It makes it so easy to apply the liner with. The color pops and has a bit of a shimmer to it (no glitter). It does last all day with no smudging. Nice and thick and really works. One of my first gel liners that I can actually get to look good on me and goes on smooth and easy.

still chips

I held off buying this product due to the safety warning. I kept hearing how great this product was and how it would do wonders for chipping and your nail polish would last much longer. I always have chipping withwhatever base colr and topcoat I use. My nail polish chipped within 12 hrs with this product. Nothing exceptional here just an expensive ineffective topcoat, did not leave my nails resistant to chipping and or peeling like it promised.

more for leg use

I tried this on my face and it does tend to be quite harsh but it works great for my legs and body. Makes my skin nice and smooth and helps buff away dead skin cells. I definately recommend it more for you body and not so much for you face.

# 1 lip exfoliator

This lip exfoliator is great. You just need a tiny bit and viola your lips are smooth and soft and wonderful again. I was skeptable about purchacing this but i was definatley not dissapointed. Like Mer C noted the writting on the tube is white so its not readable at all. But dont let that deter you this product works wonderfully.

smells good and lasts a long time

Love this stuff!!!! Such a creamy texture and goes on smooth and lasts a really long time. I can have a tendancy to lick my lips alot and this stuff doesnt come off when licked. I have these all over the place so I am never without one, when i need some. I have all the diffrent scents or flavors and they all work amazing!!!

This exfoliator makes my skin feel so smooth. I can't use it every day but I use it about 2/3 times a week and my skin is much smoother. Helps my makeup go on better too. I like this scrub because for me it's the right amount of exfoliator for my skin. I tend to rub my face alot and I have super oily skin so i tend to beak out more because of that and this product helps get my skin back to looking good.


This scent is amazing. This is my hand down favorite perfume. One spray lasts all day I work 12 hr days. It lasts forever!!! I can still smell it on me after I come home sometimes 15 hrs later. This scent makes me feel empowered, I dont know why but when I wear it I feel like I can do anything!!!

no bad smell with this stuff!!!!

I tried regularr Witch Hazel and had to throw the stuff away cause i couldn't stand the smell of the stuff. So i found this on and love this stuff. No harsh alcohol smell or feeling. works great and i will have to repurchace this since i am running low!!! Nice and gentle product.

Favorite scent

I get complements on this perfume all the time. I first got a sample of this in one of my Sephora orders and it was a must buy for me. It smells great, but can be overpowering if you put to much on if your not paying attention.

love this color

I find this color works for my skin very well. Haven't used it anywhere else on my face just for blush for me, thats where is complements my skin the most. It gives a nice rosey glow to my cheeks. It applies smooth and lasts all day for me. Great product!!!

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