The Multiple


Mer C.
Lovely Colour, Weird Consistency
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I fell in love with this colour and absolutely had to buy it, even the expensive price didn't sway me, though I can see it affecting a lot of people. It's about $38US and $46CDN unfortunatley I had to pay the latter.

Now when applying you're suppose to to just swipe it on with your fingers, which probably works very well, but as with most of the products I use, I like the be able to double it and use it for me and my makeup kit (the price doesn't really sway me to buy one for each) so I spatulate it out of the tube, which has proven very difficult. The consistency is very strange as it's basically powder suspended in liquid, but this has made it very difficult to use for my makeup kit. Even with the appropriate brush it balls up and is hard to apply. I'm debating whether or not just to use it on me as it would be a lot easier. All in all it's almost been a total failure for my kit which breaks my heart since the colour is just so amazing, but I have not given up yet as I am constantly mixing it with other products.

Its very sheer and shimmery and I find for my preference I have to build up a lot on to be satsfied, but as I said before this colour is just so amazing and once on looks fantastic. I am also in love with the colour Luxor and will probably end up buying it as I would have bought that before Orgasm but Sephora was out of stock of Luxor.

Overall wonderful colours, though they are pretty expensive (as the majority of Nars products seem to be) But if you are looking for a sheer shimmery blush or whatever (as it can be used for an array of things) then I would definitely recommend this for personal use but not so much for kit use. And if like me you love the colour but aren't totally stoked on the sheerness/consistency then consider the powder blush version of this.

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Linda T.
Life saver!

Beauties!! This is perfect for those days of running errands, when you don't have time to do much but put your hair up and go! This gives your face a beautiful peachy glow and it goes a long way! I use it on the eyes, lips and cheeks! Of course you can use this for a night on the town as well, but when I'm on the go, I always go for my "multiple".

Mary Stewart W.
Perfect in every way!

If I could only own one piece of makeup, this would be it. It comes in everyone's favorite color, Orgasm, and is perfect for every use you can think of! Perfect blendable coverage for cheeks, beautiful on lips, and I even use it as a sort of highlighter under my brows. All of these in one, if saves some space in my makeup bag! A+++!

Melissa S.
love this color

I find this color works for my skin very well. Haven't used it anywhere else on my face just for blush for me, thats where is complements my skin the most. It gives a nice rosey glow to my cheeks. It applies smooth and lasts all day for me. Great product!!!

Maya C.
Perfect blush base, highlighter, and lip color!

This truly is a multi-use product. I love using this as a highlighter on my cheekbones and building it up on my cheeks to either wear alone or underneath a blush. It works on eyes too, but you'll need a primer at least and a powder on top helps keep it from creasing as well. On lips, it leaves a pretty, shimmery, soft pink color behind and looks GORGEOUS underneath a shimmer-free gloss.

Shannyn C.
Gorgeous color!

I've been wearing this as my blush for almost a week & love it. It's a gorgeous coral pink color with golden shimmer. Gives a beautiful glow. No need for a highlight. Applies smooth & lasts (on me) all day.

Katie C.
Gorgeous Color!

Although quite pricey this is a MUST HAVE! The color is light, pretty & gives you a great glow. It goes on so smooth. You use it on your cheeks, lips, eyes.. anywhere you want to add a little shine.

Celiisa B.
Beautiful Color!

"Orgasm" compliments my skin tone well and the formula goes on very smooth. I like to use it as a highlighter on my browbone and as a base color on my lips. Definitely worth its price!

Katrina L.

I have it in Orgasm. Gorgeous color. Gives you that flawless finish that models have. I like to apply it with my fingers for a really natural look. However, on my skin, it doesn't last very long. What do you guys do to make it last longer?

Maya C.
gorgeous, but sheer

I got this as part of the NARS fanatic set that Sephora put out around the holidays. I really love the color in the stick, but on skin it's a very sheer shimmer highlight. Even though it's sheer, it still looks gorgeous underneath a blush or as a highlight, and it is really beautiful on lips! I love layering this underneath different glosses. The shimmer in it is really flattering and pretty!