Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani Diamonds


Audria D.

this is my all time favorite perfume! i havent found another one yet that i like it that i like more than this. In my opinion it's more of a night time scent, it's very strong and warm, its very hard to describe, i detect spice, sweet, and fresh when i smell it which is a strange combination so i could be totally off haha. all i know is i love this perfume and I'll probably be wearing it for a long time.

Natalie B.

This is now my favourite perfume it so nice! I can't describe the smell all I know is that the guy on the counter sprayed some on my wrist and I just HAD to have it! I couldn't stop smelling my wrist all day and even sprayed some on my wrists before I went to bed last night so I could smell it! I don't think I will tell people what perfume I am wearing if anyone asks when I do wear it haha! I want it all for myself its gorgeous!

Melissa S.

This scent is amazing. This is my hand down favorite perfume. One spray lasts all day I work 12 hr days. It lasts forever!!! I can still smell it on me after I come home sometimes 15 hrs later. This scent makes me feel empowered, I dont know why but when I wear it I feel like I can do anything!!!

Molly O.
A classy, fresh scent

This scent reminds me of the ocean; it has a fresh scent it that is comparable to Acqua Di Gio, "Light Blue" by Dolce Gabanna, and CK1. I was looking for a fragrance that smelled clean and non-overwhelming. I cannot wear flowery perfumes because they give me headaches and I much prefer light, powdery fragrances. "White Diamonds" is a sophisticated scent for the modern woman that smells feminine, but complex. I would recommend this fragrance to anyone that likes light, fresh fragrances. The 3.4 oz. perfume bottle costs around $70, but lasts for almost a year. I love this fragrance and alternate between it and Light Blue by Dolce Gabanna for a clean summer fragrance.

Stephanie T.

this was my signature scent back in high school. i loved this fragrance and i still do! im savoring the last few sprays it has left. ha its so feminine and like molly said, its very sophisticated. i love it