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Beauty Product Reviews

I have dry skin, this foundation really helps keep my face moisturized throughout the day!

I was a little unsure about this foundation because one of the girls in Ulta had suggested it to me and since I knew it was a new promotion, I assumed that they would make some kind of commission for selling it to me. After the girl put some on my face, I started to see why this was a good foundation choice for my skin and my makeup preference. This foundation is lightweight, but you can build up coverage if need to and works well BB creams or concealers underneath. When I apply the foundation to my skin, it feels like a moisturizer because it soaks into my skin leaving it with a soft texture. My face still feels moisturized the whole day and has a softer feel when I wash my makeup off as opposed to my other foundations. At first I thought this foundation would be greasy and not work well with powders but it actually works really well with setting powders, the foundation really blends into my skin giving me that almost natural look. I would recommend this foundation for anyone with dry skin as it is a moisturizing wonder! Also, it has not caused me any acne issues so that is always a plus!

It' so-so I wasn't blown away but don't hate it!

I went into depth about this in my blog, which you can check out if interested, I wasn't too impressed by BB cream.

PROS: - It DID help my foundation stay on longer, I noticed that it worked well as primer, I really liked the fact that it did this because by the end of my workday my foundation would be smudged off without it! - It is lightweight, it glides onto your skin like a lotion it's not heavy. - I liked that does contain some spf, I put it on days I don't wear makeup but want SOME coverage - The price for the product has to be what I loved most! It's affordable, not sure what the price is for BB creams but this one was $12. - No whitening agents! Not sure if BB creams even put that in them anymore but that was my #1 reason for not wanting to try! I love having freckles and would rather be tan. - The packaging allows you to open the product and try it out in the store, that's what I did!

CONS: - The smell! It smells just like all of Garnier's hair care products! I have their hairspray in my bathroom and I just didn't like rubbing BB cream on my face that smells like their gel and hairspray =[ - It still left my face feeling dry despite the claims of it being a moisturizer, I have really dry skin and found I could not use just the product as a moisturizer I still needed my daily regimen. - The COLORS! There are only two shades of the cream. The light/medium shade that I bought fits me fine but I am sure it will not fit everyone, there is a slight orange tint to the color which I didn't mind but definitely didn't want or expect.

Overall I found this to be average for me, I was so excited to try BB cream after hearing so many good things about it but after trying this I am not sure if I will be buying this one again. I do want to try other brands and compare to them and see if BB cream is as amazing as everyone says it is.


I picked 4 of these bad boys up at Walmart a few days ago and have been very happy with the results! The swatches i picked up are:

330- Sprinkles. A sparkly red/pink color in the tube yet a more red color against my skin

426- Golden Earth. Sounds like the name of a Doctor who episode lol but is a lovely nude bronze color on my skin appears nude in the tube

329- Robot. A very sparkly silver both on my skin and in the tube

431- Miss Enid. A very gold color in the tube and on my skin.

I was very pleased with these tubes, the color stayed on without primer for about 7 hours and 8.5 with UDPP. I also managed to pick up a Hard candy primer going to see how that works with these creams.

I personally love these duos! I have been using them since they came out back when I was in high school! They are really pigmented and do last long throughout the day ( i used to wear these to school and they would last through PE and that was back in the day when I didn't use primer!) I think these duos are excellent for more dramatic looks while staying within your budget!~

I bought this at Target for 1$ because it was cheap and I am usually pleased with the Elf products they carry and I have used this product as a blush, lipcolor, and eyeshadow base. This product is sticky and depending on where you store it will make matters worse ( Mine fell out of my purse and spent the day in my hot car!) I did find it to work best as a lip color, something light to tint your lips over chap stick. The pink lemonade color is more "cherry/rose" rather than pink lemonade but I liked the color on my lips so I definitely use it from time to time. Not the best of ELF products in my opinion.

Not enough to blow me away! Definitely hope this is not the UD dupe =/

I picked up this product from target and I'm not very happy with it! I have purchased some of their smokey eye books as well as the bright eye book in the past and I was not pleased with this one.

1. The eye shadow was too thick or too thin, the very neutral colors were soft and disastrous while the more pigmented shades were too "thick" to blend and like some of you have already mentioned muddied the color after an hour or two of wear. (( Mind you I wore this to work and school)) Even with my Tarte primer it was just not happening!

2. I wasn't impressed with the colors like I was with their smokey eye book, they didn't blend well and not even the help of my physicians formula brown eye neutral palette could help fix the muddying!

This product was just a miss for me! Which is kind of sad because I love and use a lot of Elf products! But sometimes, you really do get what you paid for! =[ Elf also had a giant, 120 palette with all bright, smokey, and neutral colors for 15$, not sure if I want to purchase that after the quality of this book!

This brush is amazing considering how cheap it is! I got mine from Target last November and still use it religiously! I was very impressed with this brush that I went ahead and bought a few of their eye shadow brushes as well and an eyelash curler. I have also seen some of their brushes at the dollar store!

I ordered this palette just because it was based on my favorite show! I will say, the colors are gorgeous, they have both neutral as well as dark and dramatic colors. The mascara that was included made my lashes looks very voluminous but the eyeliner that came with it burned my eyes so I had to throw it away =[ all in all, I love this collection and wear it 90% of the time when I go out for the night! I also loved how they included a "how to" guide in case you were a beginner and didn't know what colors to use together or not sure what to do with your eyes! I was very pleased with this product aside from the irritation of the eye liner!