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Pretty good. :)

This leave in is pretty good! It helps my hair stay really soft and it has an really sweet smell! It makes my tangles trouble free. It's not the holy grail of leave ins but it is really good!

i like this.

this product is pretty ok when you follow the instructions. however your hair does feel pretty icky after your apply it, it feels kinda dirty and sticky. but i do love shaking this powder directly onto my hair all over and using it to create volume, texture, and a beadhead look for when I want to wear it in a really messy updo, the texture it provides really lets your updo last all day long. washing it out is a bit of a chore tho. to get it out i wet my hair, massage conditioner in, rinse, shampoo, then condition again. and sometimes that doesn't get it all out.

loved this. so sad it's discontinued!

i loved this blush! it was my first ever blush from when I started wearing makeup. it SUCKS that maybelline discontinued it! i hate the stupid dream bouncy blush that is meant to replace it. ugh.


I have been wanting to rock a red lip for some time and couldn't find the confidence i needed to pull it off, and I could never quite find the right red for my skintone. I was stoked when these lip butters came out because I thought a red lip butter would be a sheerer alternative to lipstick. Boy was I wrong! But this time I enjoyed being wrong. Candy Apple is the perfect red for my golden-yellowy skintone and i love that this product feels like a chapstick on my lips.


I have the bronze and taupe colored ones. I was a little skeptical of this new product because of its creamy texture. I was afraid that it would hardly stay and that it would crease all over the place. However, the first time I used it I was pleasantly surprised! It looked great all day. I have used it by itself and as a base under powerdered eyeshadow. I have a few complaints tho, i don't like that you can't easily use a brush with this product (fingers are best), and I do not like the color options, i'm not much for wearing bright blue or orange eyeshadow, i wish they had some more natural looking colors.

awesome stuff!

As the oposite situation from the thick-curly headed reviewer below me, i have medium weight hair that maybe a bit on the finer side, it's pretty strait, and i have tons of it. And this sea salt spray did WONDERS for me as well! it brought out the sparse nautral wave that i have and it looked as if i spent the day in the water! Loved the smell, but the spray is a bit you tend to breathe in some of the salty-tasting product. Overall I love this brand, it's affordable and you can find it at Walmart!

holy mother of....curl? (first impression)

this is by far the best protein reconstructor i've tried yet. i've been on a mission of sorts, trying a bunch of different ones..and this one has been the best! my hair feels fantastic, and i can already see a major difference in the health... BUT.. my hair is starting to have a really pretty curl/wave to it. i used to have this kind of wave when i was a child, but as i grew up it kinda just straightened itself this product restoring my hair to the health it had like 15 years ago? I don't think so, maybe this was a one time deal..but hey, not complaining!

I took away a star because of the smell and texture of the smelled like bannanas (i love to eat them, but hate that kind of fragrance) and it felt and looked like runny oatmeal. It also too the WHOLE package to coat my fine-thick (means i have fine hair, but TONS of it) and medium length hair.

For the price, since it is REALLY expensive, i probably won't repurchase this one. however, i hear Sally's Beauty Supply has a GVP (generic value product) that is just as good if not better, and it for sure will be easier on my wallet!!


this is amazing stuff! i love love love it. a lot of perfumes can smell great or gross depending on how it works with your skin chemistry. but truly, this perfume has smelled great on everyone i've smelled wearing it! however, the fact that it is so great on everyone is kind of a con...when i find a perfume i want people to smell it and think only of me...that kind of hard when EVERY girl is wearing the same perfume.


This stuff is gross. I was so excited when I found the big, salon sized bottles of this at Ulta for $9 each. I bought both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair was icky and dry. After i shampooed my hair felt like straw and like dreads were forming, so I would glop on the conditioner. the conditioner felt thick, but did not absorb into my hair at all. it's like the shampoo works against it. i felt like i couldn't rinse my hair out, and after I dried my hair it was frizzy and breaking off everywhere! I love BedHead products, but this stuff was awful. the only redeeming quality was the smell, it was a delicious scent and to me it smelled like strawberry shasta. yum! but the smell is NOT worth th damage to my hair.

great stuff! for itchiness!

I have a sensitive scalp and sometimes i run into a shampoo that makes my head itch to high heaven. when that happens i turn to this stuff and find AMAZING relief. 2-3 uses and all itchiness is gone. HOWEVER, it's not all that moisturizing and doesn't make my hair look that great..but hey, it's a medicated shampoo, not a styling one.

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