K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor


Alyssa T.

This is the product that you go get when you fryed your hair. It helps give life back into your hair. I belive that you use once a month.

Joice P.
No more dry scalp

I had a horrid case of dry scalp during the winter months. Even when I deep conditioned and let it soak in for hours. I ended up in the chair of a random stylist and she sold me the K-Pak. After 2 uses I no longer had the ugly dry scalp flakes. I could comb out my hair wet and not see white flakes streaked through my hair. It smells good and my hair feels great.

Nicki N.
Yes, please

Out of the holiday set I picked up at a local salon, this little baby was all that ended up working out for me. Sigh. I'm not going to repurchase this right away because I still have about a quarter of the tube left and am still in the market to try out some more masks before completely committing. :) However, this one is the best I've tried thus far. I use about a quarter-sized dallop in the bottom half of my hair.

Ashley M.

I like this product because it brought my hair back to life my hair is naturally curly/wavy and when i used it had made my hair smooth i also had my texture back .Love it i would buy this product again :) .

Kaitlin J.

My hair was severely damaged from bleaching and dying it a different color almost every month for 5 years straight (I'm surprised my hair never fell out!) and I was in need of a dye job badly from going blonde once more but it turning into a bright yellow! I wasn't going to touch my hair until I found something that could help restore it a little bit and I came across this. This stuff saved my hair! I used it once a week for 2 months and my hair felt normal compared to the mushy "barbie" hair it used to be. Even after the first treatment it felt so much better! Not only is this a great product but it smells great also! Totally worth it!

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Heidi R.
Worth every penny!

This product is seriously worth every penny! I got this as a gift and fell in love with it! Unfortunately its pricey for this mom. I can't afford to buy this on a regular basis.

Katie V.

This is a great product if you are looking for some extra protein for your hair! They have it down to such a science, that it's hard not to trust! Protein isnt meant for frequent use-so this is a great product when you are lacking it! Especially because you can cocktail it with other conditioners, like a moisturizing one for balance! The smell also reminds me of bananas...haha:)

Lori S.
holy mother of....curl? (first impression)

this is by far the best protein reconstructor i've tried yet. i've been on a mission of sorts, trying a bunch of different ones..and this one has been the best! my hair feels fantastic, and i can already see a major difference in the health... BUT.. my hair is starting to have a really pretty curl/wave to it. i used to have this kind of wave when i was a child, but as i grew up it kinda just straightened itself this product restoring my hair to the health it had like 15 years ago? I don't think so, maybe this was a one time deal..but hey, not complaining!

I took away a star because of the smell and texture of the smelled like bannanas (i love to eat them, but hate that kind of fragrance) and it felt and looked like runny oatmeal. It also too the WHOLE package to coat my fine-thick (means i have fine hair, but TONS of it) and medium length hair.

For the price, since it is REALLY expensive, i probably won't repurchase this one. however, i hear Sally's Beauty Supply has a GVP (generic value product) that is just as good if not better, and it for sure will be easier on my wallet!!

Katherine K.

I've bought this same product 3 times now and while I've tried other things in-between purchases but this still stands as my favourite and when the one I have now runs out I'm going back to the shops and buying it again. As an added bonus it smells fantastic.

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Alli Rose G.
Must Have Beauty Product!

I think Joico is a wonderful product all around! Their reconstructor conditioner is to die for. I used this once, on half the length of my hair, and it revitalized the color in my hair, made it smoother and easier to manage for several days!! You cannot beat that! And you know what else? My hair color is red. Do you know how hard it is to keep red dye in your hair? Let alone revive it? This product is absolutely 100% a keeper in my book. The cost is worth it. It will last a long time because you can't use it more than 2 times a week. If you do it'll over oil you hair because it is so potent! Every women who dyes their hair should have this product in my opinion.