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3 Liners for 1 Great Price with Excellent Pigmentation!

I saw these on clearance at my local Target for around $4.24, so I figured that's a good enough price to try them and BOY was I impressed! I'd never bought a Physicians Formula product before, but I was dying to try some gel liners, so I bought the Blue Eyes trio. They are so creamy and with minimal effort glide onto my eyes. Now, I don't have a problem with oily lids, but they do dry to a point of zero-budging without cracking or flaking. I've worn these to work and on nights out with absolutely zero complaints other than I probably won't get them for such a great price when I rebuy them!

Super quality and price!

These are truly sleek, high end pots of color for an incredibly low price! Points to Maybelline for not being one of those "cheap" makeup brands with crappy products in boring packaging. I have Too Cool (white), Fierce & Tangy (orange), and Pomegranate Punk (deep berry red), and they are amazing. The first one I was drawn to was Fierce & Tangy, simply because I have a new love for orange since that's the color of my new car :) You can use your fingers to apply, but I prefer a concealer (or flat synthetic) brush so I'm not contaminating the pot. You can apply them sheer or build up for a more vibrant color, and they are EXCELLENT as a shadow base. I like that they are relatively matte/slight shimmer finish (at least the colors I have) since I have more shimmer/sparkle eye shadows that are amped up with a matte base. And for a reason I can't really describe, I absolutely love the packaging lol. The display they were in at my local Target made them stand out, but they also include the shade name on the side with the black cap, so no matter what side it lays on, you'll know what color it is. Drugstore brands are becoming some serious high-end product contenders!


I've been DYING to find a decent stippling brush out there for a decent price, and on a random Ulta trip I found this! Best $9.99 I've spent on a brush - even though it was $3.50 less due to a coupon :) I use liquid foundation and it applied beautifully on my face - my whole relationship with foundation brushes has changed! Definitely a great buy.

Great pigment, not so great packaging

As always, the quality of the pigment you're getting (like most things from Urban Decay) is AMAZING - they're so awesome, what else can I say?! A few are a lot like shadow shades, but a couple are pretty unique and aren't comparable to shades they like to put in a lot of their palettes. I'd recommend Protest, Goddess, and Rockstar - they're full of multiple colors of glitter and sparkle and are pretty unique colors. Baked is one of the best golden/bronze colors out there and looks good on practically everyone. Now, I bought these from UD's website over the summer because they were like, $2? Not sure if they're still available, or still that price. Hautelook also had them featured a few times as well. Now, that being said, here's the only negative - the dreaded brush in the cap. I'm not very delicate nor is my hand insanely steady, so for me this brush makes the product get EVERYWHERE. It might work for some, but to me it's not a deal breaker. You can depot these, but personally I like the long cap because it makes it as close to spill-proof as you can probable get with loose pigment. Just avoid the brush lol

Great find for the price! And works for everybody!

My mom is an avid Clinique fan, mostly because she has very sensitive skin so it's one of the only brands she can wear just about anything from. So I was shopping with her when I saw these displayed and I had to check them out - man was I impressed! I'm one of those gloss-fanantics, so lipstick and full coverage color on my lips scares me lol. But I love balms, so this definitely caught my eye, being a balm in a stick (win!) that deposits a decent amount of color (but not too much!). I loved the Mega Melon shade and I must say it looks really good on me! It feels so good on the lips - definitely moisturizing, and it lasts for a decent amount of time considering its a colored balm in a stick. Now, they are (I believe) $15 a pop, so they aren't cheap, but for Clinique's quality, I'd say that's pretty fair priced! Let's face it, with Urban Decay you're pretty much spending at least $19+, so this was a bit of break on my wallet! The colors add subtle yet enhancing color to just about everyone, so take your pick!

Great for those just starting out with face primers

Something you can pick up at Target, yay!!! Teehee, gotta love my Target items - much less pain for my wallet! I do like the L'Oreal brand, and my mom actually recommended this to me, so for the price I figured I'd try it! I'd never tried a face primer before, so I was curious to see if it would live up to its reputation. It does feel very velvety smooth on the skin - though it can feel thick or heavy depending on application. I don't like how you have to dip your fingers into it to get product out, but that's the clean freak in me coming out. You do get a decent amount of product for the price - it should last a while since you don't use a lot on your face. Plus, you get the added bonus of sales and coupons that you can use, so this product can really be great quality for the price if you time it right! I'd recommend this product for people just trying out face primers or those of us that can't really spend $30+ on a face primer right now.

Beautiful colors, but pricey and not the greatest quality

If you don't know this already, I'm a HUGE Urban Decay fan, so when these came out I rushed to Ulta to play with them. I finally decided on getting the bright blue shade "Radium", and it is beautiful! It looks really good on me since I have blue eyes, and you don't have to go over and over it to get a decent color payoff. I do have a couple issues with this liner, though. It's another one of those just under $20 items from UD, so it kinda hurts to spend that much on a little tube of liquid liner. But the quality of the liner is kind of funky - now, I didn't use their previous liner so I can't compare the two, but this is just my take on the liner based on other liners I've tried. It does dry fairly quickly and doesn't really move, but it's almost like a colored liquid bandage (if you've every used one of those before). If an edge gets tugged or moved, the liner will come off in chunks. I haven't had much of a problem with this during the day, but when I take my makeup off at night, these chunks have gotten into my eyes and that's when the fun REALLY stops. I haven't really used this liner that much, so it's not really one of the more proud purchases I've made.

Great glosses with great prices!

These came HIGHLY recommended by Marleena from <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>, so I had to check them out. They're like, a little under $6 at Ulta I believe and they count for those $3.50 off a $10+ purchase coupons Ulta sends out all the time ( ^_^ ) I was blown away by them! They do have a cherry smell, but I don't mind it and it fades pretty quickly anyway. But the COLOR...gorgeous. So many shades to chose from and they do not disappoint. They aren't tacky or goopy - these are cream glosses so they do deposit color as opposed to the tint or wash a lot of clear/translucent glosses deposit. If you're a gloss junkie like me, you gotta try these out - can't beat the quality for the price you pay. And let's face it, if I can use a coupon, I'm one happy camper! Plus, Ulta frequently has a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale for NYX, so you can really get more for your money with these.

Excellent palette - except the price ^^;;

First of all, I LOVE Urban Decay, so pretty much I'm super excited whenever a new palette comes out. This one is GORGEOUS - the colors are all shimmery, except for Blackout, but I love shimmer so this didn't bother me at all. The colors are bright and vibrant and you'll always remember which ones you used for a look - they're not easily forgettable! My only complaint, like always, is the price...GOD it's just awful spending that much money one palette, but you're definitely getting your money's worth. Luckily I had an Ulta giftcard so that's really the only reason I have this palette lol. You won't be disappointed by this one - just maybe eating ramen for a week! (you'll look FABULOUS doing it, though :P)

Best pencil eye liner EVER

What can I say about these that hasn't been said? They're AMAZING!!! The colors are great (and numerous!) and they DO NOT budge. They glide easily across your lid, but not so easily that you'll poke your eye out. And they work for older skin as well - my mom uses these because of how easily they apply and they won't move! The only reason these aren't 5 out of 5 stars is because of the price. I love me some Urban Decay, but it's always hard for me to justify spending almost $20 on one piece of makeup (palettes, of course, bending that rule quite often lol). They do offer a couple sets where you get multiple colors together, even though they're travel size, so I would say if you're interested in trying these out, buy one of those! You'll get more for your money, and they make great gifts if you dont' like them :)

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