Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

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Brittinay F.
Dont like lipstick? THIS is for you then!

I am not down with lipstick, it just isnt my thing...but, I also want some color in my life at times. This is my all time fav GO TO. It hydrates my lips, and gives it a sexy subtle look without being dry/flakey. It is by far my all time fav lip color! Its SUPER smooth and hydrating, i use the honey one it is a sexy color on fair skin w/o being too dark.

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Rusty H.
Moisturizing and handy for touch ups.
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I got the color Mega Melon. The color is pigmented and glides on my lip easily. Even though it's pigmented, it is still moisturizing. Because it's in the form of a stick, it's easy to reapply for touch ups when I'm outside.

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Heta R.
an Amazing spring must-have!
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I have Clinique's Chubby stick in two colors 06 WOPPIN' WATERMELON (nice medium hot-ish pink) and 05 CHUNKY CHERRY (a true cherry red).

First I was hesitating on these 'cause usually tinted chap sticks don't have really any color to them but I still ended up trying them anyways.

Well, these have a pretty nice color to them, kinda similar for i.e. MAC's lustre lipsticks. Especially the cherry red one shows pretty nicely on my lips (especially when you add red lipgloss over) and the pink one has some color to it too, but obviously not as much as the other one.

These are pretty moisturizing but not that much that they would just melt off. I find that the color lasts up to 2 hours and the moisture maybe a little less.

Over all I think these are very nice option for lipstick and a spring must-have for every beauty gal!

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Koko Chanel R.
I love this

I first read about this in nylon magazine and I wanted to see how it was. I trust clinique ever since I bought a soap for my face and it worked like magic so I decided I can't go wrong with the chubby stick and I was right. I bought whole lotta honey its sorta a brown color but it doesn't really come out brown, it gives you a hint of color. It was a life saver during the winter and I'm still using it now.

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Clover H.
Great lipstick

This was given to me as a gift, and after using quite a few brands of lipsticks, I still think this is a safe one to go for. The color is light, nothing too overwhelming, but it does give some colors to your face. Very moisturizing, easy to apply. Will repurchase in the future.

Charli W.
Ultimate Summer Lip Product!

I know lots of people that don't like to wear a heavy lipstick in the summer because they feel it dries their lips out and this can definitely be the case - enter Clinique's Chubby Stick! These shades glide on like somewhere between a lip liner and a lipstick, and I cannot rate them enough! The colour is really lasting, and they have an incredibly moisturising feel to them which you don't always get with lipsticks; particularly matte ones. (However, you can achieve a matte look with this chubby stick I found by dabbing a little translucent powder in the centre of your lip, just enough to give a finish). I had the Super Strawberry shade, and this is the one I'd recommend to people who want to try it, because it's really versatile and will go with many skin tones.

Meaghan S.
Perfect for simple summer makeup, easy to use on the go!!!

I saw a youtube makeup tutorial and the makeup artist used this colour and so the next day i went out and tested it on my hand in the store and bought it, and since it is a nice neutral pink colour it is great for day and or evening looks and is easy to use no mirror needed, and perfect for your handbag.

Jenny M.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is one if the best lip products I have ever bought!! It may be a little expensive but it is well worth your money… it is very pigmented and stays on long!! 😍😍

Ashley E.
clinique is on point!

love this so much! It's beyond moisturizing! and the color is fab! love everything about the chubby sticks line of clinique! They really know what the are doing. love it

Sarah P.
I have 20!

I chose Voluptuous Violet because it was the first one I ever bought and it's what started my obsession! I work for Clinique and I don't even wear real lipstick anymore because of these. Te intense line ha better color pay off but both lines are hydrating and te colors are beautiful!