Beauty Product Reviews

Didn't like it.

Too thin of a pencil and hard to get color onto my brows.. Will go back to lingering by MAC. I really wanted to like this .. I've heard great things.. But I just plain and simple didn't like to have to press hard risking breaking it in order to get a few fake eyebrow hairs on.


Yuck I didn't even get to buy it. Tried it on my hand and it looked sooo fake and heavy... I was sooo disappointed. I was looking for a full cover foundation and I was so sad since I read so many great reviews..

Holy grail of makeup

OMG! This is the best best best thing ever for that perfect no makeup look. I used it to apply makeupforever hd and my husband didn't know I had face makeup which is a huge compliment since I take it that he always notice my foundation and y'all know men are clueless about that stuff. I love it. Sooo happy I have it now. 😍💋

Love love

Got this as a bday present and it's my favorite palette. Bunch of usable colors and the blushes are super cute. I use the gel eyeliner in brown for my eyebrows. I mix it with the black for a darker brow to define it and them use the darker brown eyeshadow color for the brow as well. Super multifunctional.

Took me a while

Took me a while to get used to this. I used to always break out when I used this. I absolutely hated it.. I don't know what changed .. In my skin.. But now it's the only one I use. Leaves my skin feeling super clean and it takes off ALLLLL my makeup at night. Love this!

Nice nude

Very pretty nude color. Doesn't last at all but for the pretty cheap price I don't really mind.. Lol. Wish it lasted. I think they're like $5 now.. I recommend them since it's a nice creamy texture

I love the color.

However... There's too little of the product on the container. I feel like there should be more for the size of that. It dries up nicely and lasts a decent amount of time..

Beautiful finish

My all time favorite foundation. Leaves my skin dewy without making it look greasy. I prefer to apply it with a wet makeup sponge for an even more flawless finish and spritzing fix plus for extra amazingness :)