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Soft Matte Lip Cream

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Claudia M.
I love the color.

However... There's too little of the product on the container. I feel like there should be more for the size of that. It dries up nicely and lasts a decent amount of time..

B R.
So in love

These are my go to lip glosses when I'm not going out they last a lomg time and are very creamy. The colors are amazing. I just wish they were more hydrating

B R.

I first learned about these products by watching all the bloggers on you tube. I first bought this one and another. I like how long the stay on the lip and I also like how matte they are becuase if I want it to be daytime glam I can add a gloss on top but i usually like aq matte lip. I do think they do dry the lips but just use an EOS egg before applying