Kat Von D

Lock-It Tattoo Foundation


Sally C.
Best foundation I've ever had!

I have acne scars which actually look worse with makeup on and are barely noticeable without makeup on, how ironic! Anyway, this (along with the concealer) is the only foundation I've ever had that gives me full coverage. I actually have a porcelain look with it on, which makes me very happy (:

Yes, it is very thick, but some of us need that! I would 100% recommend it!

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Lauren S.
The price is for a reason...

This product stands up to everything you'd expect from a full coverage, light weight, long lasting foundation. Being someone who touches their face a lot during the day and wanting full coverage that lasts hours, this product is perfect. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and smells like coffee! The only issue I have with it is that it's constantly out of stock because of it's popularity. Sephora didn't expect this foundation to be as popular as it is. I recommend going to ask your closest location for a sample and see if it's right for you! I also recommend exfoliating, moisturizing and priming before applying this or ANY foundation!

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Angela I.
I have Dry skin ! And I love it!

My Skin: -Yellow/Beige undertone -Normal/Dry -Acne Scars -Large pores -Redness -Spider veins on Jawline Shade Comparison: NC37 in MAC

I had a hard time finding my shade, it was either too light , too dark, too yellow or too pink. And finally I think I found the right match. I am an NC37 in MAC but for some reason M53 is not listed here, its probably a new shade. But it matched me so well.. It is for medium with yellow undertones skin, My match for the Winter, People dnt recommend this for dry skin. Because its so matte. BUT I was curious and Wanted to try this foundation because a lot of people rave about it. At first it did look cakey on me, but it covered ALL of my problem areas. My face looked so flawless I loved the coverage so much! So I experimented and found ways for me to work with it. Now for you dry skins out there that are iffy, you can definitely wear this foundation if you prep your skin the right way. What worked for me was I used Argan oil as my moisturizer, let that absorb and then applied a face primer and followed by MAC fix+ . Works great! my face dsnt look cakey or dry! with all the products I used before the foundation, I didnt even look oily or dewy either! Love this for Hot sweaty summers! Little goes a long way because its so pigmented . Its long lasting, I work in sections of my face bc I find that the foundation dries fast.

Application: Love using my Buffer brush, so it gives me a full coverage, I find that the Beauty blender absorbs the product and gives me light/medium coverage, you could still see my scars peeking out still.

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Leslie O.

Great coverage and it lasts forever!!, I like the matte finish and it doesn't look cakey. I apply the foundation with my ecotools foundation brush and it looks great and covers everything, but I noticed that if I apply with my fingers only in the areas that need to be covered (like red areas or blemishes) looks very natural. But you really need to select the right shade.

Anyway I'm really pleased with it.

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Chamar L.
Like a school girl in love for the first time!

Oh my sweet beauty product!!! This baby is amazing! This foundation gives amazing coverage, and a little goes a long way, which means that yes you'll pay a good penny, but it will last a good while. I do suggest you pair it with a great primer as it will smooth on easier and last longer (if you don't use a good primer with this, and it starts to melt in The heat or slide off, then goodbye gorgeous, hello what tha??) it is a thick consistency, but blends out evenly. This foundation will make every makeup you put on after look great! I just love it!

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Jonada D.
coverage A+++ but the product just too heavy for my face.

I love this foundation. I would not wear it on my everyday basis only when going out special just cause its too heavy for everyday wear. my color match is perfect so thats another plus.

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Victoria D.
Not a fan

I tried a sample of this because I was looking for a new foundation, and this one did not make the cut. What it DOES do is create a perfectly blank canvas of your skin. If that's what you're looking for, this might be for you. It is almost more like a paint than makeup! The lightest color was far too pinkish for me, and since it applies so thick, it's almost impossible to cut that down. When blending it, it dries so fast that sometimes a spot will dry before the rest of the area you're blending, and then the dry spot will almost feel off and stick to your brush instead of stay on your face. It feels very heavy. You can definitely tell you're wearing foundation. I also found that it transferred to EVERYTHING. I've never left that many foundation marks on everything I touch.

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Orion G.

Best foundation ever. My holy grail foundation. I honestly haven't found anything better than this foundation and nothing compares since I have gotten it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for high full coverage.

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Sam B.
Great and full coverage

If you have oily skin, acne or dark spots this is a great foundation for you. A little goes a long way to cover everything up!

angel s.
For The Brave Hearted

This foundation plays no games in terms of coverage and longevity. Requires moisturized skin and best applied with a damp beauty blender. Covers everything from blemishes and scarring to tattoos and heavy discoloration.