Beauty Product Reviews

great hydrating primer

Ive compared this and the back light priming filter, back light for me is my favorite but i do use a hydrating moisturizer underneath and it makes my makeup stay all day, this one is obviously different and is great for hydration (i use it underneath- so many primers i know!) and they work amazingly together, i wish it had more staying power


i tried this concealer and it creased the first time but i soon realized you only need the tiniest amount, it does brighten up my under eyes very well and i love using it-my go to concealer now. i do wish the packaging as better-its a bit hard to squeeze out and there is a lot of air in the tube-didn't feel completely full and not sure how i will go getting it out when Ive used more of the product.

good for hydration

I like dthis primer, having dry skin i noticed it helped with hydration however didnt do anything abut filling in tiny lines or pores (i dont have many anyway) and i didnt notice a difference to my makeup staying on longer than normal. The smell was very faint-i expected it to be more overpowering but i enjoyed it-super pretty packaging


ive tried SO many primers this month including the first light priming filter and this is my FAVORITE i have super dry skin and i still find this primer does an amazing job and makes my makeup last a long time, i need to use a hydrating moisturizer and serum underneath though but I always do that with my primers.

good product

Not sure if i got a dud-feels like nothing really sprays out so I need to spray WAY more than I would with any other setting spray. It feels nice on the skin but I don't think it really makes my makeup last any longer than usual