BECCA Cosmetics

Backlight Priming Filter


Tammy T.
Only primer I've ever finished.

This gives your skin the prettiest glow. I'm ordering my second bottle soon, I've never finished another full size primer product ever, probably because I'm still always reaching for this. I don't think it extends your foundations wear but it also has never shortened it or led to breaking down for me. It gives an ethereal healthy glow under foundation and is perfect for my normal to dry skin.

Mikaella M.
I love this

It leaves you with a beautiful glow, and keeps my makeup on just fine, it also smells really good!

Alyce D.
Glowing to the gods!

This primer is incredible!!! The smell is devine & the packaging is really cute as well.

It will have you glowing through your foundation so use with caution as it can be quite intense.

Wenny  C.
Makes me glow

This makes me glow and have beautiful skin. The glow is subtle but not unnoticeable. A very good product.

Toni V.
Soft glow

I was a bit skeptical about using this product because the skin perfecting illuminator made me super oily! But having tried the sample sent to me by beautylish, i tried it..and I was sooo blown away. It dried down fast on my skin and not sticky at all. It made my face look so fresh even without my make up on. Under the foundation i used (Armani face fabric) it made my skin luminous without being "shiny". I find this waaaay better than CT Wonderglow even! I was supposed to buy CT but im purchasing this one instead!

Abigail E.
Holy Grail

This was the first primer I ever really tried. Since then, I've branched out and tried MANY others, but I just keep coming back to this one. Thank God it's on Beautylish so I can buy it in payments with other goodies because it's a staple in my collection.

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Kirsten M.
Not for me

I was really excited to try this primer as I had just began dabbling in primers. This didn't work for me though, first time I wore it, it dried out my skin really badly. My face became dry and flakey quite quickly. I tried it again with a heavier moisturiser under it and still did not work on my skin. For reference I have extremely dry skin so this could still work for a lot of people.

Cleo S.
Natural glow!

This is my favorite primer! I love using it as well when I don't feel like wearing a foundation and go for the natural glow look especially for that summer time glow!

Christine S.
Becca backlight primer

Excellent product. Can't live without..does a wonderful job at making a great smooth and flawless canvas

anastassia v.

ive tried SO many primers this month including the first light priming filter and this is my FAVORITE i have super dry skin and i still find this primer does an amazing job and makes my makeup last a long time, i need to use a hydrating moisturizer and serum underneath though but I always do that with my primers.