Illuminating Setting Spray


Myriam  N.

Illuminating as described but must be shaken a lot and a long time. I guess thats why some people only get glitters... they don’t shake enough.

Krystal  W.
It frickin works, y'all!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal  W.

Okay, so I'm pretty tough on setting sprays. I expect them to hold my makeup on my face without cracking and without use of powder to set, and to do that for a very, very long time. I'm talking 12 hour wear at a minimum. So I got a sample of this from a friend and HOLY BALONEY IT WORKED BETTER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE! I'm not joking when I say that I applied my *ahem ahem drugstore ahem ahem* makeup and used the setting spray to set instead of powder and I partied all night long, and hard. I'm talking about being on stage and dancing, which means lots of sweat, and lots of other activities which I am too polite to mention, but you get the idea. I eventually fell asleep with my makeup on (I know, I know, but it's rare) and the next day my makeup was still looking gorgeous. My eyeshadow didn't even crease or budge, y'all! Over 24 hours of intense activity with my face being touched, kissed, all kinds of stuff, and I didn't have a single crease on me!!!!!! To say I was shocked is the understatement of the century. I immediately bought this and I use it with my everyday makeup (RCMA foundation, coverfx bronzer, blush, and highlight) and I don't have to use powder to set my makeup and it stays in place!! The one thing I did figure out is that you cannot spray this too close to your face or it will drip everywhere and then set that way because it works fast! So right before I apply mascara I shake it until I hear the little ball inside rattle around and two sprays over my face from about 12" away is all I need for long lasting makeup that powers through anything I've put it through! It's worth the money and more, IMO, because it works much better than even COVERFX describes it to! I am a fan for life. Definitely my Holy Grail setting spray!!!! Photo attached is of my every day makeup look using the setting spray. I will try to remember to sleep in my makeup and take before and after shots and post them with this review.

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Leonora N.
Excellent product gives youthful glow

I didn’t notice this was particularly glittery but as a women in her 40s this definitely gave me a more youthful look especially when used with it cosmetics cc cream and minimal make up. Am going to buy one to keep at work

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Diana D.

Didn't like it one bit. Although it made my makeup withstand the absolute crazy humid weather in the country I'm from, I hated it. I felt as though I was EDWARD CULLEN basking in the sunlight atop a mountain. The OBVIOUS glittery, fine speckles, that I couldn't handle. I've tried the mattifying version and that was good.

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T  H.
Nice, shake it alot before use

This really does work well, however you have to shake it up a lot to make sure you do not get a blast of glitter. I use the matte first and then one spray of this for a dewy look.

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Diana S.

It gives you a nice dewy finish look. I loved it! It does'nt interfere with my oily skin, so that was a plus. Also great for setting the highlight on your cheekbones.

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Jovana D.
If you want actual chunks of glitter on your face, this is for you.

To paraphrase other negative reviews here: this is straight up glitter. If you are looking for a nice, dewy, glowy finish - this product is not it. You are spraying glitter on your face & emphasizing ANY texture your face might have. The only positive is the mist. Its so fine, so smooth, so satisfying - it kills me that the product inside is useless.

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Noa Lynn d.
it's just glitter in a water bottle

I still use it, well, because I paid for it, but it's basically just water with glitters in it. When I use it it doesn't make my makeup last much longer and it covers my face with tiny glitters that are VERY visible in dayligh. I would not recommend this.

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Jasmine H.
Glitter in a bottle.

I was expecting this to give me a dewy, luminous, healthy finish. It is pretty much glitter and water in a bottle. No setting power whatever. I would return this if international shipping was so expensive.

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vanessa r.
Hated it

SAD to say I didn't like it :( I usually love this brand but am very disappointed. Made my face greasy and normally my face is not oily.

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