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First Light Priming Filter


Yulia K.

Can't say i know everything about primers but i have no complains about this product so far.

1) the formula doesn't irritate my extra sensitive skin and it's a huge plus; 2) product is absorbed quickly by my skin, really saves time during my make up routine; 3) the smell is nice and doesn't stay for long so i can wear my own perfume.

Also i don't apply primer on my whole face, only on zones that tend to be dry (avoiding the big part of my forehead and nose cause they are quite oily). That's a good advice i've been given once and 'd like to give to all the humans out there with dry and oily skin.

Susan N.

I received this as a sample a while ago and just got around to trying it. I'm really liking this primer, It feels so good on my face and gives it a nice appearance. Make up stays fresh looking for the day. It's a thinner primer and doesn't feel heavy on my skin which I prefer.. I'm an older woman with combination skin and it will work well for me. Scent is nice.

yuki k.


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Angie D.
I can't tell that this does anything at all.

It isn't moisturizing enough, and I can't see any difference in the appearance of my skin. Meh. What's all the fuss about?

Robin N.
Great product

Absolutely love this stuff. Applies nicely on face. Would definitely buy this again. 5 stars. Please get this, it’s really great. I don’t use any makeup on my face. I just use this by itself. LOVE it.

Jade C.
I am obsessed!

Hands down my favourite priming product at the moment - It smells nice, looks great & I think its worth every penny! Wearing this makes me feel so confident and instantly gives my skin a boost. I have average skin with the occasional break out, I wear this under full make up or on its own day to day. 10/10

Judy F.
Definitely holy grail

I received a sample in a previous order and loved it so much I purchased the full size. It smells great, it hydrates, and primes beautifully. My face is sensitive and usually break out but no issues with this product. I love it!

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Pietrina N.

This is a beautiful primer. Its description is accurate. It instantly brightens my complexion and makes my makeup look lovely. I was sent a sanple of this with one of my recent Beautylish purchases.

Elizabeth G.
Love this

I love this primer and it’s definitely in my prime rotation. I highly recommend this primer to everyone. It makes my skin so soft. It keeps my make up looking fresh all day long. It also gives me a radiant glow which I adore. This is a primer to buy.

Rachel F.
Good and bad

Bit of a mixed review from me. It felt very nice going on, felt smooth and silky and it definitely brightened my skin a lot too but I do feel like this primer emphasized my pores quite substantially. I'd give it four stars still because if you don't have large pores like me then I feel this would be a wonderful primer, especially if you have dry skin.