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First Light Priming Filter


Charley J.
New Holy Grail primer!

I have pretty normal skin, but it can lean more towards oily. I was a little nervous about trying this but I was blown away at how great this primer made my make up stay put AND how good my skin reacted to it! I live in North Carolina and the weather can go from freezing to 70°F in almost the same day, and this performed great in both. With it being illuminating, I was concerned I'd be an oil slick after a few hours, but I'm very happy to say I think I have found my new favorite primer! My foundation went on smooth, my pores didn't look massive they actually looked like they disappeared. I've tried this with matte foundations and with natural finish foundations and got the same results. I highly recommend!

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David G.

Amazing Primer, I thought it couldn't beat the Backlight Priming clearly did. The smell is fresh and citrusy, actually smoothed my skin texture (as a male makeup lover I have tons of it) it also didn't go overly shiny throughout the day on my oily/combo skin. I am amazed on the performance of this product. Becca holds a special place in my heart with their cosmetics <3

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Ashley Y.
Hydrating and Glowy
Photo of product included with review by Ashley Y.

I love this primer, minus the fact that it made my nose oily after a day. But other than that, this is a good primer for those of you who want glow and hydration. I like this better than the Backlight priming filter because this one doesn't feel like it's sucking up the moisture in your skin. It is also thinner and gives a beautiful glow. Backlight gives a beautiful glow as well, but it is thicker in consistency and I need to use a moisturizer underneath since it's not hydrating. Also, a lot of people get scared of the lavender color, but it goes away once you rub it in.

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Monique W.

The best primer Ever! Beautiful fusion of skin care and cosmetics. The smell is fresh and awakens my senses. And as far as a primer you can't ask for anything more!!

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Stephanie S.

I've used TooFaced & benefit primers. Both were OK. This primer is INCREDIBLE! I have typical combo skin. T ZONE is oily, & the rest leans more towards normal, but a bit dry from time to time. This primer made my makeup last throughout the day & into evening & sleeping hours. I must confess I dont always wash my face at night.. I wake up & everything is still where it was. My eyebrows even stay on better with this primer. Smell is great too! Not too terribly perfumy, or chemical smelly. Texture is great too.

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Tracy B.

No I see what all the hype was about. This primer is amazing. Keep my makeup on longer and gives an amazing glow within to my skin. Will repurchase.

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Noa Lynn d.
Doesn't do much for my skin.

Don't get me wrong, it does.. something, it smells great and my makeup does hold throughout the day with this on, but I don't feel it's worth the high price. My skin isn't extra glowy with this and i just don't see a difference.

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anastassia v.
great hydrating primer

Ive compared this and the back light priming filter, back light for me is my favorite but i do use a hydrating moisturizer underneath and it makes my makeup stay all day, this one is obviously different and is great for hydration (i use it underneath- so many primers i know!) and they work amazingly together, i wish it had more staying power

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Judy F.
Definitely holy grail

I received a sample in a previous order and loved it so much I purchased the full size. It smells great, it hydrates, and primes beautifully. My face is sensitive and usually break out but no issues with this product. I love it!

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Chloe S.

Just started using this product so my opinion on it may change as I use it more but right off the bat, this stuff makes my skin so much more radiant! It's an instant skin enhancer especially if you wake up with dull skin :( I don't find that it increases or decreases oil production but then again it's always humid where I live so oil comes naturally! Haven't used it under foundations yet as I don't wear foundation much but it works well alone over or under an SPF product :)

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