IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

How To Conceal Dark Circles

It's your 8 hours of sleep in a tube!

Watch as Co-Founder Jamie Kern Lima shows you the Real Results of using IT Cosmetics' Bye Bye Under Eye. See just how easy it is to conceal under eye circles and darkness with this one product.


Megan K.
New holy grail
Photo of product included with review by Megan K.

I just bought this product about 3 weeks ago and I have been LOVING it. You only need the tiniest amount. Literally a sliver. It’s also a thick consistency. And it definitely gets rid of my dark circles under my eyes. I have really Prominent cool tone under my eyes. This works instantly. I have also had my mother try it, who is 55. She said it works and she would like to try one on her own.

Nicole A.
A little goes a long way

I have a difficult time finding concealers that do not crease or make my undereyes look like the Sahara Desert. I received a sample of this to try and I immediately purchased the full size in both the original and illuminating one. This product lasts all day and does not crease on me for the most part. I do have to set it with a little loose powder but it is not overly drying and looks very natural. It is full coverage and a little goes a long way. I do always apply an eye cream and it works well the bye bye under eyes eye cream. My only complaint and the reason I took of one star is that it is sooo thick! It is easy to go in with too much product which can end up cakey if you are not careful. I would recommend this product, especially for those of us starting to see signs of aging.

Jami H.
Amazing concealer but..
Photo of product included with review by Jami H.

Love this concealer but I'm pretty disappointed that after using 2 little dots it appears to be practically empty, as if it was filled with air. The concealer itself works great though. Literally only used 2 tiny dots and this is what it looks like :(

Daniel B.
Love this product...

I just love this product, it’s great for my ageing under eyes, mostly because I don’t need to set it with powder, which tends to leave me cakey and old looking. I bought a back up thinking mine was almost done, that was 3 months ago... it lasts forever. A small amount goes a very long way. I can’t recommend this product enough, especially if you have ageing skin!

Norah A.
The light should be labeled as fair

So, I bought this concealer because I was starting a new job and I had really bad breakouts and scarring. I needed something to cover them without having to layer it up.

The coverage is undeniably perfect. My problem was that it was too light and ended up accentuating the areas I wated to conceal.

I had to double check if I had got "fair" instead of "light". Fair doesn't exist.

Tatiana P.

This is my favorite concealer ever!!! It does come out really thick and pigmented but it's really blendable and and covers my dark undereye great!!!

Jennifer M.
Love it

One of my most favorite concealers. It stays put and doesn't shift which is a huge thing for me since I have combination oily skin.

Caylee W.

Sooooo beautiful, scary thick but so moisturizing, the best full coverage concealer hands down! I dont even put powder under my eyes anymore as there is no need with this great product. Also a long laster! this is my second tube in 6 months <3

Hailey W.
I don't get the hype...

I bought this because I heard great things about it, but I honestly hate it. Yes it is like spackle for you eyes, extremely thick and full coverage. However, it is so completely drying I cannot stand it. It's cakey and makes my under eyes so dry and gross. I thought I could maybe use it as spot concealer instead, but it even creates a dry patch that way as well.

Trish Ann R.

creepy eye goodbye ! glad i tried this - the lang horizontal creases below my eyes at cheekbone level can be managed much better with this.